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  1. I have a list of items my 73 is needing; Front headlight trim/retaining rings and screws 71-72 rear bumper brackets 71-72 rear qtr extensions (fastback) 71-73 coupe/vert qtr window mechanisms, no glass Auto console, any color and minor damage ok, mine is garbage Drivers door sport mirror
  2. put me in as number 3, mine is in many pieces :( i wouldn't need the clock so Brian could have it.
  3. i figured as much but confirmation is always good :)
  4. ah, i had them backwards. so do the coup/vert share the same extensions with the fb?
  5. looking at the pics again., couldn't i just cut the bottoms of my 73 extensions?
  6. thanks for all the detailed info guys. i am assuming fastback and coupe have the same differences and are specific to the body styles. Fastback extension prices are pushing me toward staying with the 73.
  7. What is the difference between the 71/2 and 73 quarter extensions?
  8. what head3rs are you using and any issues with the p heads and header choice?
  9. dragging this up as i don't see a couple of measurements i would like to have as i intend to lay mine out by hand on my 73. What is the thickness of the pinstripe and what is the gap between the stripe and the remainder of the black on the hood?
  10. 2nd gen trans am prices have gone crazy so i blew it never buying a 71-73 t/a that was really the first car i ever wanted :( then a 70 scj 4 speed twister special. I have a 340 duster which would have been #3 on my list and a 68 390 4 speed AMX that would be #4. i still have my first mustang also, an 84 lx 5.0 5 speed coupe i bought in 1990 or 91. my best friend had 69s and 70;s when i was in high school in the mid 80's Jeff, i will probably be needing some more info on what should be white as my interior is less than stellar and has had butcher hands in the mix. Anyone want to guide me to a console frame? mine has damage. i am willing to get another damaged one to make mine whole but $700 is out of the question for a new one.
  11. thanks for the responses guys. Jeff, that's exactly what i was wondering. I have seen the seats available with the silver side inserts but not the grayish center as in you photos. I am not planning on a serious exact restoration so they are close enough for me. I hate the 2 spoke steering wheel so it will be replaced with something else, ideas? I will probably paint the car calypso corral as well as given a choice, i would have a 70 mach 1 in that color... the original motor and wheels are also gone. I am planning a roller cam 351 and an aod. wheels for now will likely be lake model mustang tt style as i have a set laying around. I also have a few vintage aftermarket radios so one of them will be going in also. I am a mustang guy (and trans ams) but family and $$ kept me in fox cars until 4th gen f body prices dropped. I also have an 08 bullitt and my oldest son has a 14 gt500. 3 other kids came of age when i had a 99 camaro ss so 2 have z28's (an 81 and a 94) and 2 have firebirds (76 ta and 97 formula). the last child doesn't care about cars :( 5 out of 6 isn't too bad though
  12. I have a complete 73 rear bumper in good shape and would trade ya. rackerm, thanks for the detail,ed info, i intend to do the same on my 73 mach 1
  13. I recently acquired a 73 mach 1 that came with the sports interior knit vinyl seats. I have 2 questions; 1. Should the seats be two tone (i have seen white with greyish/silver inserts) or just white. 2. Should the carpet be black with black heel areas or black with gray? I need to ask as the carpet was replaced and the seats recovered at some point and while all is still in good shape they are red... Thanks for the help :) As i purchased a marti report, i figured some that look at this may be interested in seeing the details and it was a good teaser for the subject line 01/73 January, 1973 63R Mustang Mach I 2-Door SportsRoof 5M Medium Copper Metallic Paint, Ford #5144-A GW White Knit Vinyl Bucket Seats X FMX Select Shift Automatic Transmission 2 2.75 Conventional Rear Axle (seriously, wtf!) 15 Newark DSO (District Sales Office Your vehicle was equipped with the following features: - E70X14 Belted White Sidewall Tires - Convenience Group - Power Steering - Console - Power Front Disc Brakes - Bumper Rub Strips - Air Conditioner - SelectAire - Electric Rear Window Defroster - AM/FM Stereo Radio - Mach I Sports Interior Option - Tinted Glass-Complete - Power Side Windows - Forged Aluminum Wheels
  14. rackerm, that's a great post and just the kind of knowledge i am hoping to garner to put my 73 together. Thanks!
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