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    1973 Mach 1, 351 4bbl , 4 spd , Owned for 44 years.
    Professionally restored over past ten year except for engine which I rebuilt. 4 wheel discs, coil over front suspension.



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  1. Super nice. I like the white and black.
  2. The car was originally yellow with the mach 1 stripes and black hood with original slotted wheels. I decided black was my color and when it was painted black back around 1976 I thought it really set off the body lines and didn't want to put any stripes back on. We added the chrome wheel arch trim to break it up a bit just before I got it back this fall.
  3. Hello, I've utilized the site for quite a while and I'm finally a registered user. My Mustang, a 1973 Mach 1 I've owned for 44 years was completed last fall. Thanks to many I gathered much useful information from during the process. The restoration was done professionally; with the exception of the engine which I rebuilt, and spanned 11 years using two restoration shops. One a not so good experience and the second great. The car is a 351 Q-code with a four speed both original, with a rear axle fro a 70 Boss 302 with 3.91 gears. It has a coil over front suspension and 4 wheel disc brakes from Wilwood. The interior is stock with newly reupholstered front seats with the original materials thanks to a great lead from this website helping me track down the only supplier. I'll attach a couple of pictures. Hope you like it.
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