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  1. And me too. Not a good pic. The recovery unit is just in the bottom right corner. Had to make a couple of brackets to keep it vertical but used existing holes in the rad support panel. Overflow tube comes through a hole down the bottom and drain sits below the stone guard underneath. Can't see it from outside so no visual intrusion. Happy daze.
  2. I went through the same things. West Coast Classic Cougars showed one with $38 price tag. I'm in Australia & chose to skip this. Ended up getting a 3/4" black poly irrigation fitting and doing some real backyard mods on it. Basically out of site so decided it was good enough. Keep looking.
  3. I'm in Mackay, Qld ( sun shining & virus free ) Car is currently for sale through Aust Mustang Owners forum & Gumtree. Local owner of a '72 Grande just had glass supplier 3 shots at getting the front screen correct. Have fun with your project. Have noted your number, thanks. PKJ
  4. Greetings from a fellow Aussi owner. It's an 05 Mach 1 so will be 63R. The " tab " they refer to would be on the rear edge of the left hand door but frequently lost over time. If you haven't already got one, order a Marti report for this VIN, it will tell you all kinds of detail & help with other searches. Might also put your question on the Mustang Owners Australia forum for local advice. Have fun. PKJ.
  5. If this all has a happy ending, I'm chasing these connections also. I was sent a link to one of the straight connections for emission tube @ $38 but chose to pass on this. The crankcase PCV filter housing and pad plus the spring clip are not so bad but that rubber 90 deg elbow is the kicker. I'm in Australia so crappy exchange rate plus postage come in to play. Second hand / grubby used / no filter pad ? no problem, I can deal with these. All options considered. Thanks folks. PKJ
  6. I have been in the hydraulics / fluid power industry for many years. General requirements for all hoses, end fittings & adapters is for a 4 : 1 safety factor - means that if a system is intended to work at 1,500 p.s.i., the " design minimum burst " for all components should be 6,000. We always static tested hose assemblies to twice the stated working pressure - 3,000 in this case. The crimp characteristics are from the machine used and should be checked by the manufacturer to meet or exceed the 4 : 1 criteria. Some are certainly more reliable than others. Hose assemblies often act as
  7. I've just had the same problem - overfilled the reservoir and it blew the surplus out past the dipstick. Note on the dipstick reads " check with oil hot " and fluid will show just on the hash marks at the bottom. Engine should be " off " for this check. The tube acts as a mini expansion chamber as it warms up. The long hose will move slightly under pressure but there should be a bracket on top of the firewall / shocktower brace to support it. Look for other posts & images on this topic also. The system will " self bleed " so air will be eliminated with the first few cycles of th
  8. Last one - not the best but should be enough to see the end result. This connection brings the pressure line up where you can get at it. Took the dipstick out for this pic. Hope all this helps you tidy it up. Have fun.
  9. Now got another to load up. This is pre-assembly and again, not genuine configuration. One tip: when we made these, I used ends with a hex section that is held with one wrench while the fitting is tightened with a second tool to save twisting the tube piece. Also modified the top end as the place I worked with could not match the thread on the end of the hose. Had to cut off & re-fit to use the 9/16" JIC male shown here. Serves the purpose, job done. Will try to load the final installation pic next.
  10. My max is 2.44MB so unable to load any more. Is there a way around this ?
  11. O K - back in business. This is the bracket & tube section for the back of the pump. Can only load this pic for now so look for two more coming. The tube section was made to suit general positioning so not 100 % accurate against O E M.
  12. My pump is off getting the front seal replaced to cure fluid leak. I intend to take pics when I get it back ( today ? ? ) as this has been a problem for a while. I'll watch this thread and come back when ready. Others will probably jump in as well. All good. PKJ
  13. Yes, it does a couple of things - keeps the hose from being bent and holds it back from the heat of exhaust manifold. There is a tube section from the pump outlet, up though this bracket and the pressure hose is connected to the top end of this. Do you have this tube piece ? Very scarce ( see other posts on this topic ) Most make their own as I did. Good fun. PKJ
  14. The black fittings you see are for PCV & emissions connections. The front stem takes a flexible tube from a canister attached to the back of the shock tower, below that support brace from the firewall. Can't see it in your pic but search through other posts & you'll find many more views. The rubber end sticking through from inside with the metal clip is for the line back to the PCV connection on the rear of the rocker cover as you suggest. Most vendors will have this rocker cover grommet but the air cleaner parts are scarce. The larger connection you are pointing to takes a flexi
  15. Greetings from an ex N Z Mustang owner, now in Australia but working on coming " home " when the gates are open again. Looking toward the Northland area so may catch up with you & a few others. Good work on that car. Give a shout if you're chasing any parts that may be in Aust. I've been down a similar road so could send some ideas your way. Have fun. PKJ
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