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  1. Finally figured out how the stupid clutch helper spring comes out on my 73 mach 1 and did the gymnastics to actually do it. I am more excited than I should be because I have tried 3 or 4 times over the last few months and gave up, since I couldn't position myself in way that I could see anything. I need a lift.... Just waiting on heavier coilover springs tomorrow and hopefully it will be driving better than ever.
  2. I just got an OTC 7311A from Amazon and it worked like a charm. Granted I already cut it up and doused it in PB but from the time the package was delivered I had it off in about 5 minutes. One good shot with my impact gun and it was off. The side to side bolts were key IMO, the cheapos from Autozone just bent apart and slipped off the pitman arm. The snap-on piece definitely looks more solid but hopefully I won't need another one.
  3. Did a bunch of cursing, throwing tools, busting knuckles and almost got my pitman arm off. :atomic: I will be getting my 3rd pitman arm puller, this one has cross bolts so the stupid thing doesn't keep slipping off. I will finish cutting into it tommorow and I'll get the new tool Saturday. This is probably the worst job I've done on this car and I've done almost everything else lol. It's seized on there so good I'm not sure there will be splines left if I ever get it off. I'm going slow with the cutting and chiseling away thin sections when I'm close to the shaft. Got one chunk out so far and it got dark and I had enough. Used a whole can of PB blaster so far too.
  4. Glad I could help, good luck! That's good info, and looks good too! I only really dusted the bare metal area with paint because I was concerned that a good coat of paint would glue up all the parts that should only take a fraction of a pound to move. I didn't really get a picture of my pedal when it was all out whack, but the pawl was completely disengaged from its housing on one side. I could pretty much press it in and out of alignment with my finger and it was just a murphy's law thing to me. It's mechanically limited now so I would need to bash it with a hammer in order to get it to misalign.
  5. I've owned my car for almost half my life now, and the emergency brake has never seemed to hold. I even replaced the pedal years back and it still just popped out whenever I stomped it down. It's been parked in flat garages for years, but now it is an issue because I failed inspection lol. After a quick analysis it seems that the pawl that locks against the "geared" tooth on the pedal slipped out on one side and was crooked. Whenever any kind of load was applied to the pedal the ratcheting mechanism was defeated as if the release handle was pulled. In order to fix this I welded a plate to limit the pawl's side to side travel. It seems to be holding even when I pull on the pedal, so I'm pretty happy for the $0 and 15 minutes I just spent. The problem- This guy (pawl in a ratchet mechanism) was falling into the V shaped slot and riding crooked on the "gear" of the pedal. The solution- cut a small plate out of scrap sheet metal using tin snips and weld in place to keep the pawl centered over the gear. I'm obviously not a welder but it works! I just needed to tweak the clearance by bending the plate slightly with a screwdriver to allow the pawl to move freely.
  6. There was a good video from engine masters* on air cleaner theory.. The filter top seems to be great because the air is already traveling at a high velocity in the direction it needs to go (down into the carb throat). They ran a literal salad bowl with just a filter top and it was at the top of the performance spectrum of their comparison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkpsydS8JXI
  7. Got my new fuel injector early and let it idle a little bit. [video=youtube]
  8. Started it up briefly. I have a leaking fuel injector so I won't really get to run it until Wednesday. [video=youtube]
  9. It looks like a mess but I'm going to try to start it up tomorrow for the first time with on the new engine. Once it runs I will go back and clean up the wiring and everything else about this picture that is bothering me.
  10. We're getting some nice weather this week so I got my fuel system together. I ran new 3/8 NiCopp hardlines from the new tanks inc. in-tank pump setup and replaced the -8 pushlock I was running all around with -6. I spent today trying to figure out the whacky setup that holds my fuel rails down but finally got it. Now I just need to install the exhaust pipes, install the power steering pump, the radiator, connect the rest of the wiring and mount the battery. I keep saying it will run soon but I mean it this time lol. There's so many things I'm coming across that I really don't like and I'm taking the time to fix. I already revised the squiggly return line in the picture with a cleaner 45º hose end and a bit shorter hose. This was a "pull the engine and replace the bearings in a weekend" deal and is turning into a full restoration :shootself:
  11. Dropped the engine in on Saturday, ran into some issues as expected (My Sachs clutch kit came with 2 wrong pilot bearings). It's in though, have a little bit more to do and it's like 20º now so I'm not really rushing to drive it.
  12. I feel like there's too many nice examples in this thread to single anyone out, really enjoying it! :coolphotos:
  13. I'll probably tell people it's an olds motor for fun. That'd be a nice surprise, I hope you're right haha. My injectors will only support 500 hp though, I should be able to get an idea from the duty cycle they run at.
  14. Just some bolt ons :whistling: It shouldn't be anything special though, just a 10:1 aussie headed street-ish motor with a solid roller. Hoping to make 400 hp or so just under 7000 rpm. Thanks, I hope it works lol
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