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  1. Is your o2 sensor located according to the instructions lol just throwing ideas out there edit - maybe the overlap gives you a false rich reading? edit2- yeah tune it with a vacuum gauge
  2. I might be wrong, but the cruise afr seems too rich. I know people tend to go rich to stay safe, but in very low load situations you can go super lean and be ok. Where is the 14.1 number coming from? Can you check and adjust timing? Also is it possible you have an exhaust leak?
  3. Technically nothing.. but also technically alot. Dropped of a deposit on my solid roller cam (unknown specs at the moment) and all the things to make it work today. My local engine builder couldn't find anything in the comp book he liked so he will let me know when he finds something on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday). I really just need to figure out my fuel system at this point but I'm leaning towards megasquirt 3 so I can keep all the custom injection stuff I already have and run 2 o2 sensors. Here's a pic for no raisin:
  4. I'm paying $8k+ which is considered pretty low. I know people paying 25k+ :shootself:
  5. brb calling a contractor to have one of the barns you guys have installed :whistling: Just a 1-1/2 car garage but it's the biggest space I've had to work on the car and it's my first house. I would like to build a garage big enough for a lift and space to work one day but that won't happen for at least a few years. I have a decent amount of yard for where I live so it's just a matter of paying for it (and taxes :@ )
  6. Painted my block and I think it is just what I was looking for. The car is OD green, and I wanted a copper engine paint but also wanted a brush on, so I compromised with POR15 Olds gold. I really think it's going to look good with black valve covers, aluminum intake and a fresh satin black engine bay.
  7. Decided to just give the cam bearings a shot before going out for Mother's day. Seemed uneventful, which was relieving since it was my first time doing them. Only problem is I don't have a cam, so I can't test fit anything. I guess at this point I am committing to a 10.2:1 static compression ratio and will play with the gasket thickness depending on what I measure the deck clearance to be. I'm going to talk to my local speed shop about the cam but I am estimating something like a 280º advertised duration solid roller with a 110º LSA. It will probably be a custom grind Comp, that seems to be the way the they said to go. Can't wait to start getting nickel and dimed by the stupid guide plates, studs and lifters ::thumb:: (and $400 rockers that I "need") . I think it will be worth it in the end.
  8. Thanks, I just whacked them all in.. I am measuring .010-.012 below on #1. I will take a little break and give it that last little tap when I get home later.
  9. To bring this thread back from the dead.. If you are looking at the front of the engine, the bearing would be sunken in .003-.005 right? The shop manual's wording is kind of odd to me, and someone on a different forum said "stick out" which seems wrong. Should be like this?: It's also a little confusing because it seems like the bearing will sit past the chamfer on my block. The chamfer is about 1/16 Just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing before I do it, I'm pretty confident I can align the oil holes and use the tool properly at this point.
  10. cc'ed my Aussie heads.. To my (pleasant) suprise I came up with 62-63cc on every chamber. It looks like my local speed shop used a dished valve to add a little more chamber volume. This puts me at a very streetable static compression ratio (still didn't measure deck height, but should be 10-10.5:1). I also bought a cam bearing tool, and am sweating installing the cam bearings but that's the next project. After that I will paint the engine (going to try POR15 brush on gold color) and assemble the rotator, which will allow me to measure deck clearance and pick out my cam. I am still unsure about the direction I am going for fuel, the fitech setup is nice but I am leaning towards keeping my megasquirt setup but upgrading to an MS3 computer since it would allow me to keep multi point injection and run 2 o2 sensors.
  11. I'm currently putting together an Aussie headed motor and am kind of clueless what to do with the timing since so much is changing from my 2v open setup. Are there any good resources to learn about tuning ignition? It has always been kind of a gray area for me, I would pretty much pick a number and back off if it broke up. I'm under the impression that the larger the chamber volume the more advance an engine will need to achieve a complete burn so I will be backing off a good amount.. I just don't know how much.
  12. This.. Definitely blower surge though, overlap in the cam plus boost makes the manifold pressure do weird things. edit- looks like I'm watching youtube videos of blower surge and 300+ duration cams for the rest of the night.. thanks alot.
  13. you could get a cheap harbor freight dial indicator and measure the lift across a few cylinders with a known good lifter. might not be accurate to the tenth, but if the pushrod is wiggling you'll know
  14. Checked my main bearing oil clearance. Set my micrometer to the average of all the readings I took from the crank and zero'd the bore gauge. Read the difference and compared the min/max to the average. Looks like the crank is in great shape since my clearance is 0.0012-0.0015. I have one looser bearing which will go to the highest average measuring crank journal. I'm going to do the rod bearings next and if they check out I will gap the rings and assemble the bottom end over the weekend.
  15. "officially" started my engine build expecting to measure bearing clearances with my new bore gauge but ended up just cleaning the garage and engine parts thoroughly. Can I remove surface rust from the main journals with a scotch brite pad or should I just leave it? It is very minor, so much so that I couldn't get a picture of it. It almost looks like a few tiny raindrops, very small spots.
  16. I did buy main and rod bearings, so that counts.. but I made a set of crucible tongs to use with my new graphite crucible. I have been experimenting with backyard aluminum casting using green sand and this is a major upgrade for me since I can melt a lot more metal at once. I have a 3d printer to make plugs for molds and have never attempted a 2 part mold. I will try something this week.
  17. Started measuring my crank for bearings. Anyone here an oil clearance guru? I am going to measure again tomorrow when I am a little more awake but my clearances are .0009-.0014 assuming a stock main to be 2.7490 and a rod to be 2.3110. I have cheap micrometers and the 2" gauge measures 2.0002 for me, I just ordered a bore gauge to double check but I would like to be sure of my numbers. The ideal range is .0010-.0020, with acceptable being .0010-.0030 right?
  18. I should have mentioned I am going to run a lumpy solid roller to bleed off a little dynamic compression. That calculator is more of an answer than what I was looking for.. thanks! ::thumb::
  19. For the sake of not creating a new thread.. How high is too high for 93 pump gas? I just picked up my buddy's rotator that he said was either 10:1 or 10.5:1 which I believe to be the safe limit. Going off this I am assuming the deck clearance to be ~.015 with a .040 gasket. Now this was calculated with 4V heads, assuming a 62cc chamber volume. I have a built set of Aussie heads which would put the chamber volume at 58cc and the compression at 11.1:1 (assuming it is 10.5:1 w/ a 62cc chamber). That's too much, right? Now I was thinking I would just run a thicker gasket, but to get it to 10.5:1 I would need a .060 gasket, which would kill the quench effect from what I'm reading. I am going to measure the deck clearance but want to figure out as much as I can now. Also does quench really die at .050" clearance and would it be dangerous?
  20. Unless you're already there on the bore I wouldn't touch the block. A 351 could make those numbers on pump gas easy. Is there any reason you want to run 87-89 besides availability?
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