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  1. Pulling mine this week, thanks for the info!
  2. I did a.. umm a c-coyote swap on my car... I'm going to pull the engine this week because it is leaky and needs a nice paint job. I want to really get into the engine bay and clean it up too. I am going to plop it back in until the end of the summer, then I'll pull it out again and build it for real. Or replace it with a different engine if I can find something a little more modern on the cheap. Nothing escapes THE CLAWWWW and a glamour shot:
  3. Sorry to hear it.. I've seen a few good deals around though on forums like svtperformance, allfordmustangs and facebook groups Anything Coyote Mustang related! 2011 & up Mustangs and 2005-2014 Mustang/GT500/Boss302 Parts FS Just request to join the groups.
  4. Pics are back up with a few extra ones. Sorry about that. Also regarding the replacement panels, I would have spent $500 in a second if those were available when I was doing the job. Price is based on supply and demand, it costs a certain amount to tool up a part. The more parts made from the mold or die, the cheaper the part can be sold for. If they sell 3 a year it's not profitable to sell it at $50 a set, and our cars are not popular. I am stoked to see any company supporting this body style.
  5. I agree it needs some black accents to break up all that green. I am going to play around with some plasti-dip to see what I like best. I was thinking shark teeth like the p40 warhawks had, but it might be too much and get old really quick. I am plasti-dipping all the silver trim and really like the way it is turning out. Thanks, its hotrod flatz OD green. It's a cheap 2 part urethane paint, so it's not a fancy basecoat clearcoat job with a flattening agent. My friend who paints high end cars for a living has used it before and seemed to like it so I gave it a shot.. it was my first time painting a car and doing body work in general lol, and I painted it in the tiny garage in the background of the pictures. I just used a good urethane grade primer and sprayed 2 wet coats of the paint. I will say it is critical that you shake the can very well before spraying it though, on my first attempt it came out totally shiny. All the flattening agent settles to the bottom of the can and needs some convincing to mix in properly. Urethane paint is nasty stuff too, so a good urethane safe respirator is a must, and covering your eyes, hair and skin up is a good idea. I shook the can upside down and the lid was a little loose, long story short it started to burn my skin to the point that it hurt.
  6. I saw my car for the first time in sunlight today and I'm happy. It's still a bit dusty and needs alot of detail work (and reassembly), but the paint is what I wanted. I know alot of you like perfect, shiny paint.. but this is my thing lol.
  7. Long time no see... I finally painted my car, It seems like it came out ok but it got dark midway through the final coat and the lighting in my garage isn't the best. It seems nice and satiny this time though, it was too shiny last time I painted it.
  8. Yep.. screwed it up again lol. this time not as bad. I mixed the primer wrong, the first time I mixed it I reduced it based on the label. It was spitting out balls of thick primer instead of a normal spray. Me being the noob I am at painting decided "it will get better as I go :rolleyes:". Started on the roof, and it came out horrendous. At this point I knew I would be sanding it down anyway and just continued to glob primer all over the car just to get full coverage in areas where I sanded it down to the metal. I figured I only had a little bit left in the can and I would experiment with the mixing of the reducer. I thinned it until it stirred like water and tried it again. It sprayed like it was supposed to and dried like it was supposed to. Now I just need to sand it AGAIN and get some more primer for a sealer coat.. then I'll be on my way to screwing up the paint :cool:
  9. Hey, I've been good.. just busy with work and life. Just ordered a vortech kit for my 2011, so I'm looking forward to that lol. Thanks for the kind words. If it's as nice as its supposed to be tommorow I should have some pictures of it painted tommorow night :D
  10. I haven't been on here in a very long time, so hello again lol. Last year I started painting my car, wasn't happy with it and decided to give it another shot. I worked on the car for the first time this year, it was a nice 55ºF day so I decided to prep it for the respray. DA'd the whole car and masked it off today.. hoping for another nice day tommorow to spray it and finally be done with the paint. Nice dusty engine shot little apeture for you lol and ready to roll:
  11. I hate steep gears, I would personally ditch the 3.90's for something much lower numerically. I have 3.90's in mine and wish I went lower. My new mustang has 3.23's (or whatever they are) and I would still go lower, even with the 6 speed. I guess my dad's c6 z06 hitting 60 in 1st changed my mind about how cool steep gears are lol. I didn't even use 1st gear in my crossfire because it was too steep and just annoyed me.
  12. Make sure the pump is mounted below the outlet on the fuel tank. If the pump is not gravity fed it will burn out in no time. :D
  13. Thanks guys! Marks73- I'm sure your car will come out better than mine when its done lol, I have never done body work in my life before this.
  14. This car is on the front cover of the June 2012 issue of RPM magazine, cool stuff.
  15. Finally painted my car today (well my friend did)! It came out awesome, but there are some imperfections due to my cheap paint gun/filter dripping water from the air line connection. I am happy though, I can't complain for the price I paid for it. Plus I got a new car last week and changed the oil on it today (last picture) :D. It was a good day for mustangs.
  16. I'll sell you mine for 15k lol.. I'll paint it any color you want, its fuel injected with a toploader ;)
  17. Facebook's stock plummeted since the IPO lol.. you would have lost about 27% of whatever your investment was, it started at $45/share and is now $33.
  18. that's really cool, how are the tubes attached to the housing?
  19. I just started working at a security technology company as a mechanical design engineer.. It's only 10 minutes from my house, which is beautiful compared to the 2+ hour (each way) commute to NYC I've been doing for a couple years. Plus I just draw things in inventor all day, play around with QC testing equipment and may be able to play with their CNC and EDM machines with time lol.
  20. It's definately cool! It has alot of potential..
  21. I would go with a holley carb, or better yet a proform / quickfuel. I wouldn't use a quadrajet on anything. If you want to go this route without breaking the bank on a manifold I have an edelbrock performer 2v manifold available for $50 that uses a square bore carburetor.
  22. I like the one on top (on the orange car) better. The 73 grille is my favorite, but I'm biased being that I have one. I guess I'm a minimalist, the less grille you see the better imo.
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