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  1. Its going to be more or less pieced together, eagle's kit comes with a cast crank which I don't want.. But it will be eagle steel crank and forged rods with SRP pistons. The valvetrain will be parts from different companies that my machinist had good experiences with, the cam will be a comp flat tappet cam reground to be used with a hydraulic roller setup. It should be streetable, while being good to rev to 7000 RPM :).
  2. I dropped my aussie heads off at the machine shop today, officially starting my engine build. I am going to go with a 408 Cleveland, eagle forged rotator, custom grind roller cam (high lift, minimal overlap), and alot of little SK Speed tricks to make pretty much as much power as the block can handle. Hopefully I will get to at least primer my car on Saturday.. still hoping for the right temperature and humidity level. After the car has some paint on it, the engine will come out and the machine work will begin.. This is going to be a gooood summer :P.
  3. I'd get a white boss 351 or whatever color was available and daily drive it into the ground.. I don't believe in investment cars, you'll never make the money back, you're just saving it for the next owner.
  4. stripping it down for paint.. If it doesnt rain tommorow I will primer it. Sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures, didnt bring my camera.
  5. I finally finished sanding all the old paint off (sucks not having a day off in months)... Need a nice day to get it painted. I have the primer and paint ready to go, I just need to finalize the bodywork and spray it. Next comes my NA build (aussie heads, cam, forged rotator) and either a tko600 or t56 magnum depending on my funds.
  6. Mines a 73.. I guess it doesn't fall into the 71/71 category :rolleyes:.. Maybe once I get some paint on mine Ill submit it
  7. WOW a blast from my past SK SPEED I can't believe they are still are on sunrise highway & still in business ..Man I used to go there all the time in the early 80's I grew up about 10 minutes from the green acres mall.. believe it or not I also had the pleasure of going to Motion Performance in baldwin a few times back in the day..As a kid we used to go to freeport a lot & I always remember the muscle cars sitting outside that shop.. lol I work at the one on sunrise 1 day a week.. Im only there for the discount ;). The sunrise location is relocating this year to a larger location though, it will be the end of an era. I didnt think anyone would know about them.
  8. http://www.skspeed.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=PRP-1022 these are nice
  9. I like it.. I want a CTS-V wagon as my next car though.
  10. I guess we can assume the engine will be perfectly tuned the first time it starts :rolleyes:. Your engine shop may just want to sell you a new set of ceramic headers, the ceramic coating needs to properly heat cycle to cure.. or else it will burn off or "stain". you do whatever you want though, but I think you are giving bad advice considering every header manufacturer will void your warranty if you break in a motor with coated headers.
  11. The headers won't hurt the engine, the engine will hurt the ceramic coating during breakin. Apparently the fresh motor will make alot more heat than a normal running engine and will damage the coating. If you have any warranty on the coating it will be voided.
  12. Did you check the crank endplay? A worn thrust bearing can cause rear mains to go bad repeatedly. When does the leak happen? If its when the car is stationary and running it is likely the rear main.. if it is when the engine is off and stationary it is likely the oil pan or oil pan gasket.
  13. I have heard nothing but bad things about these heads, from the castings being crap to the actual flow numbers being lower than a stock head. It is tempting for the price, but I'd rather save up for a set of edelbrocks, AFD's or CHI's
  14. I bought a new toy.. A 3.5 HP 60 gallon air compressor from good old Harbor Freight.. I still need to make a little more room for it, permenantly mount it and wire it up, but I should be able to start painting this weekend or early next week. I am picking up the paint during the week and doing a little body work. I'll let youz guise know how the compressor works out, it seems to have gotten better reviews than comparable craftsman units for half the price. I blame Q-code for this lol.
  15. 9" rear.. 351 cleveland.. toploader trans... pure garbage :dodgy:
  16. Sounds and looks awesome, I am itching to build my motor.. you aren't helping lol. Nice runs!
  17. made some progress sanding the passenger side to the metal.. need to touch it up with a finer pad on the DA when Im done with drivers side.. Im buying a compressor this week and ordering my paint :) q-code made me do it lol..
  18. I hate carburetors, but for the best power in descending order (best to worst) Quickfuel, proform/holley Ultra HP, standard holley, edelbrock, demon.. Demon has had alot of quality issues in recent years, I work at a speed shop and heard alot of horror stories regarding initial quality.. like there being metal shavings/sand etc clogging needle and seats, jets and other important components..Edelbrocks don't make great power out of the box but are reliable, standard holleys are easy to tune once you really understand how they work and make better powerthan edelbrocks, proform/ holley ultra HP's are high tech holleys and quickfuels are glorified proforms lol..
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