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  1. Hi I wanted to provide an update on this. I appreciate all the comments and followed the instructions as discussed. I replaced my Motorcraft starter solenoid with an old one I had from Advance Auto. Hooked everything back up and the car started! I noticed it was running rough so i shut it off and followed the guidance on tuning etc. Determined the #3 and 4 leads were swapped. Made the change and started the car again without issue. Ran much better. I then let it sit with the battery disconnected and on a charger for 1-2 days. I went to try to start it again and it was doing the 1 click again. Tried swapping out solenoids again and it did not do the trick. made sure all battery contacts were clean so I put a brand new Motorcraft on there I got from Rock Auto a few days later. Still only one click! Has to be something with the solenoid, right?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to spin the fan not sure if that confirms hydraulic lock isn’t the problem. Some added info: when I attach the battery the alternator light goes on when I turn the key to the accessory position. When I try to start it makes 1 or 2 click/knock type sounds and doesn’t start. If I turn the key again it does nothing. Disconnect the battery for a while, reattach and try again and it will make the sound again. Just the first time I try starting after attaching the battery.
  3. Hi everyone. Last fall I replaced the intake manifold gasket in my 351 Cleveland. I got the distributor back in and everything worked. The car started differently (but started). When driving one day I heard what sounded like a pop from the engine. After that the car won’t start. When I turn the key I hear a sound but no crank. Can’t go the summer without driving it. Any ideas? I can provide more info, pictures, anything to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!
  4. Thanks David! I was getting nervous that the block was damaged and pretty depressed to be honest.
  5. Hi. Sorry to bother this group but I need confirmation on a hole I found in the engine block on my 351 Cleveland out of my 1973 Mach 1. I am replacing the intake manifold gaskets due to leaking and upon inspecting the block, at the front I notice this strange hole. Based on how the metal is shaped, it looks like damage from something. I have not been able to see a clear picture of the inside front of the engine block to confirm if I have a much bigger problem than my leaking manifold gasket.
  6. I got everything installed and the suspension is much better than before. Ride height in the front has increased and the shock sits at the right height in the tower. Overall I believe the cut spring caused the problem! Thanks to all for helping me through the problem. Now I can enjoy driving it this summer
  7. I did double check the sway bar and it appears to be installed correctly. End link length is a match based on hemikiller’s measurements. New springs arrived from Rock Auto this weekend. Insulators arrive today and I have replacement bushings for the shocks. Hope to have a successful update for the group later in the week!
  8. David is right. The shock bushings are damaged because I lifted the car without bracing the control arm. Mistake on my end. I’m still not 100% convinced that the little amount (at least in my inexperienced mind) that I removed from the spring would cause such a noise but I will gladly try new springs and get them In without removing any length of them. Could there be any other causes I should investigate? I very much appreciate all the input from the group. It has been very helpful. Could I have done something really dumb like install the sway bar upside down or something? I don’t think so but I wouldn’t put it past me.
  9. I bought them from CJ pony parts. Site said they fit 1973 mustangs. https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-performance-shock-front-1971-1973/p/FSHOCK2/ They matched in size the ones I took out. I was thinking the same though based on fitment.
  10. Thank you both for your quick replies. I do have the bumpers on the shock tower covers and agree that the sound seems like the shock is bottoming out. I used an internal claw type spring compressor to remove and install the springs. I did not read how the type of compressor can compromise the spring. Based on the pictures, is the spacing and such look correct. I took the shock out and lowered it on the springs only. Then I put the shock back in. I don’t see much clearance between the top of the shock and the top of the tower. I assume the spring is what is causing it but agree that only 3” shouldn’t cause this. I can definitely add poly bushings to the shock but am not sure that will fix the problem of the bang.
  11. Hello everyone. I recently replaced the entire front suspension on my mach 1. This included upper/lower control arms, sway bar, strut rods, tie rods, shocks etc. The kit is in and every time I go over a bump I hear a banging from the front. Being new to this, I had difficulty getting the springs out/in. Because of this, I eventually cut approximately three inches of coil from the bottom of the spring (not 3" of total height, coil length). Based on viewing, the tires seem lower in the wheel well and when I look at the shocks, I am thinking the shocks are bottoming out because the ride is too low. I've included pictures of the shocks to show how far they extend in the tower. Also, the top bushing of the shocks got totally destroyed. Not sure if that is related or another problem I haven't even discovered yet. I'd love someone to tell me how dumb I was and I need to replace those cut spring with new, full length ones. I just want to confirm a direction before I throw more money and effort at it. The springs were a beast for me to do so I only want to fight them again if absolutely necessary. I'd be happy to take more pictures if that helps! Thank you all in advance
  12. I’ve enjoyed this site from afar as I searched for my own car. Now that I finally pulled the trigger in April, I’m honored to be part of the club. I’m located in Massachusetts and have a 1973 Mach 1 with a 351c 2v. It’s a total basket case but has immediately become part of the family. My young boys are all about car talk now and they are dying to get their hands on it (they are 8 and 10). I’m working hard to search for my answers before posting questions so please be patient with me. Yup, the interior is avocado.
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