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  1. 73 t5 Q code Mach1, 73 Q code Convertible, 73 H code Convertible
  2. Is it possible the NOS Rear Quaterpanel RH for $ 700.-- and can you ship it to Pompano Beach Florida? If yes give me the shiping costs and can I pay via Pay Pal? sincerely: Ron
  3. Hello: I get an offer for a 73 Mach 1 with an rebuilt and tuned engine, but the engine does not run good at idle and at the lower rpms (- 3000 ) and smells like unburned fuel at the exhaust, black smoks at accelerate. The engine has a low vacuum at idle 5 hg and 25 hg at 6000 rpm. The block is a 4 bolt main 0.30 bored with TRW L 2348 F pop up pistons, Eagle H-beam rods, 4 MA crank 0.10 on main and rod journals and is balanced to close tolerances. The heads are open chambers Q code with new valves(Manley) springs, hardened valve seats and Ford Motorsport rockers 1.72. The cam is a 280 H magnum Comp Cams with matched springs lifters and pushrods. The intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM toped with an Holley Street Avenger 80780 out of the box nothing changed. The distributor is an Mallory Unilite vacuum advance with Pro Master coil and the timing is set at 14° BTDC. There is an 7 qt. aluminium oil pan on the engine and a overhauled C6 transmission with B+M parts. Should I buy this car with this engine? Are the parts used on the engine good quality and due they match together or should somthing changed for good power, street and strip ? The interior on the car is good, but the body needs some work, this is no problem, the engine is the problem. The engine has about 500 miles after rebuilt. For all help, tips and ideas will be grateful appreciated Ron
  4. Hello I live in the near from Mannheim (Germany) and I am 58 years old. Since 1969 I drive Ford Mustang, my first one was a 1966 convertible that I still owne until today. In 1977 I buyed my white 1973 Mustang Convertible it is my favorite car since them and in the future. The car is triple white, has a 351C engine, power windows, air, power top, orig. tach, front and rear spoilers. It is in original condition exept for the paint, it is now peracent white with Spindrift from Metalflake. The 1973 Mach 1 did I buyed in 1979 he was yellow with a black 1/4 vinyl top. The car is now black inside and out has a 351C (Q) engine, C6 trans, air, power windows, deluxe interior, orig. tach, front and rear spoilers and side exhausts. The mach has some modifications on the rear quarters thats are done by me in real sheatmetal at the mid eigthis. I like my 3 Mustangs especialy the 2 1973 they were driven on good weather at summertime. sincerelly: Ron
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