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  1. Just wanted to confirm that the 1972 cam had a Upside down "V" then a "B" next to it. Also what about any paint codes or other markings such as "Ford" or "Fomoco". Also where did you get the info on some of these cams. I can find nothing on the upside down "V" next to a "B" for the 1972 cam ID. I have a lot of Ford books but on that cam they show no identifying markings like on so many other Ford cams. I have a 1971 high compression engine and if I rebuild I would use the 1972 cam and just advance it 4 degrees. I read it was worth 30 HP. I will only use a Ford cam.
  2. Hello, are all these original to the car? What car did these come out of? What are all the dates- looks like 1 pair is 1968? Thanks eparocz@aol.com
  3. Hello, I could offer $100 if that is worth your while. Thanks

    1. Big Red Mach 1

      Big Red Mach 1

      What's your zip code? 


  4. Original Ford Hurst Shifter assembly with original shifter rods plus actual shipping. Greased up well. Still has original blue paint daub. Rod numbers: D1ZA 7B112AA, D1ZA7326AC, D1ZA7328AD SOLD eparocz@aol.com
  5. Why are you parting out this nice looking car??
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