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  1. Hello From Sarnia Ont. That is a nice car. Mine is a barn find from Bellville Michigan. needs allot of TLC
  2. I am worried about it being thinned out in other spots and rust popping threw later
  3. When i striped the paint off my trunk which looked decent, this is what i found full of spot puddy. The inside lip is decent there is a bit of rust in the fold. What i am thinking of doing is re-skinning the bottom 1 1/2" on the out side. Or I could butt weld a patch from the outside, then pour rust coverter down the inside of the fold, then pour rust encapsulator down the inside of the fold.
  4. Can anyone give me the low down on making improvments to your Mustang. I understand concours as tring to bring the car back to how it left the factory, which is beyond what i want to do. I would like to put a ram air hood on the car as well as front and rear spoiler, but is ruining the originality or value of the car? If the car could have been ordered with certain options, is it accepable to add them? At the end of the day, I just want to go for a cruise with the top down.
  5. Ok i conceed, I thought that i would give it a try first but after cleaning them up they are worst then they look in the pictures. But isnt that always the case. I would be interested in the California doors!
  6. If your trying for show room perfect with the original screws then spot welding and retapping would be the answer. If you can get to the back side of the screw hole you should be able to peen the threads in the sheet metal where the sheet metal has mushroomed out when they first installed the screw. You can order these screws at Fastenal, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Depending on the size of the screw you should be able to order the same screw head with the next gauge screw.
  7. I have seen this set on line for $300/pair which is a really good price, but i noticed that you have to cut the handle youself. I would like to hear or see how they fit?
  8. has ony one used the lead free solder filler for repairs how does it work any tips i have seen the oldtimers use lead which last forever just wondering if this gets the same results
  9. Has anyone fixed doors this bad? I can't find full door skins only the botton 9" I cant find any interor door shell sheet metal I would like any advise I have the lower skin patch. I plan on removing the fold in the patch area. Then I plan on making the front and corner from scratch, weld in these patches as well as any other spots that need new metal. Once this is done and set at the proper angle i will install the lower skin patch. The other problem is the coragated seal trim piece. can you find them some where?
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