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  1. Wow looks like fun Glad I am past that stage Have a look at Scott's floor replace thread as his method butt welds the panel rather than lapping Keep the photos coming
  2. I am having a hard time adding photos from my iphone or ipad Not sure if they are not compatible? I can only get one photo up If i add a second photo it over writes the first saving with the same name I have tried renaming the photos first but still have the same issue I have tried one from my ipad and one from my iphone but still have the same issue Also tried to re-saved the photos to get the file size way down but still have the same issue Can any one comment on this Not sure if i am doing something wrong
  3. I spent about 10 hours trying to get my DS Door straight the old fashion way, fill sand, fill sand, a few swear words and more filling and sanding Last night I put about 10 mill on the door Tonight it took me about 1 hour to block it out Wow it's straight as an arrow Very easy to sand I would recommend this product to anyone I can seen this saving me at least 1/2 the hours on my body work Now people won't be waving at me as I drive by and when I paint it I will see my reflections in my door smiling back at me!
  4. I like it Looks great Do they have new style headlights too?
  5. My plan is to drive the car. ( allot ) So a good balance of power and driveiblity is a must. I want to drive the car with the A/C on in traffic . I think the 1st deal beaker is the SVO intake is to tall to run my NASA hood. Winch is one of my favorite things about the car. I must admit when I first looked at the motor all I thought about was the "WOW" factor. Besides I have good 4V CC heads and 4 bolt main block. Scott I find this interesting about the 408. I was under the impression stroking the 4V motor is the way to go. So I have to listen to Msmach351c and really think this one threw. I know,I was thinking the same thing. There was no precaution taken for long term storage. I'm thinking more like 4k. Hi Mike Looks like your coming along nice with the engine Where are the pics of your car?
  6. Here ya go all done still drying... Wow Looking good Q
  7. [align=justify] We must be a strange bread concidering all the work we put into these car we haven't driven yet. Its looking good Mike [/align]
  8. Welcome from Sarnia Ontario Really Nice car I like it
  9. Nice job Marc. What did you do with the blue car? Whats the plan now that you got the rotisserie done? Nice job on the engine bay very nice. I spent most of the 4th sanding the under side of my Mach 1. I would say i'm about 80% done. Going to try to finish sanding this weekend and move on to welding up the patches. Sounds like a good deal. Good luck. Post some pics. Thanks Mike The blue car is shrinking With the car on its side i am starting to seam seal every thing Then paint the bottom and engine bay after that i am going to mount the doors and fenders and do all the body work on the sides of the car. then i will put it back on stands to mount the steering linkage and rear end. that's the plan for now
  10. Well Its been a while but i finally Have my rotisserie done. The jamb bolt method doesn't work If i was to redo it i would put a round plate with a series of holes that could be used to pin it in the location you want.
  11. Wow Mike quite the wood working project nice to see you processing on the mach Thanks it feels good to be working on it. Wow Mike quite the wood working project nice to see you processing on the mach How is the convertible coming. I am half way done building my rotisserie then i can flip it to seam seal and paint the bottom. I'll put some picks up when I get done. I have been working too much! It a shame because when I have time, I have no money when I have money I have no time Go figure
  12. Wow Mike quite the wood working project nice to see you processing on the mach
  13. Very cool Its a lot of fun to meet up with other members It would be more fun to meet up and drive the stang somewhere I guess i will have to finish the car to find out.
  14. I finally resolved my 2v or not 2v issue. I did a lot of reading in addition to the information you guys have here. I figure that the cost to freshen up 2v, Aussie, or 4v head will be relatively the same. There is a lot of guys that that have got the 2v head working out well with pistons, cams, header, porting etc. Intriguing as it would be to figure all this out I think that I could spend allot of time and money and my still not be happy with the end result. So having time on my side, I figured that I would keep my eye out for a 4v set. Sure enough i found a 73 4v CJ open chamber set that the guy had cleaned up but never used on his beautiful 67 gt project for $200 I think just bolting these on i will get better performance than i would with 2v set up. My thoughts now are to get a street, comp roller cam kit that will give me the matched valve train? It looks to me like the kits match up your valve springs and rod lengths to the cam which seam like you can go wrong. Does any one have some input on these valve train kits?
  15. very nice I have been thinking about the same thing I guess now is the time to do it What R U going to do to finish the steering linkage?
  16. Thanks Q I never would have though in a million years though that I could get a butt weld smoothed and straightened out that nice. Hopefully this will help other on the site with some of their patching. Really once you get the hang of its probable about the same time investment as it would be to fill/sand/fill/sand/fill/sand
  17. I fabricated a 4 1/2" shrinking, disk made from 12ga sheet metal Cut a 5" disk with a 7/8" hole Welded an old grinder lock nut to it Drilled the wrench holes I got the inspiration for this from Q's door dent repair video. Here is the butt welded 1/4 after I straighten the weld seam out I had purchase lead free filler to fix the 1/4's butt welds, but now i don't think i will need anything more than epoxy primer and a bit of putty. It takes some time to do (couple hours per 1/4) and time to learn to shrink / cool small areas the process is basically bump/shrink/bump/shrink. Thanks for the help Q
  18. There is some very cool stuff here. This all helps understand the performance issues. so it fair to say that the 2v head have pinning issues that can be improved but not eliminated the 2v Aussie head are super and best of both world? the 4v open chamber are good for today fuel better that 2V the 4v closed are best for high HP builds better then 4v open I have found some 4v open for 100-150, i would think that the rebuild cost is similar 2v or 4v would this be a good path forward.
  19. What is the difference between: 4v Closed chamber and 4v open chamber
  20. Wow guys 2v or not 2v this is the question hay , a lot of good advise Its interesting to see so many different approaches on this. Thanks guys
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