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  1. http://sarnia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-auto-parts-tires-auto-body-parts-1971-73-mustang-fold-down-seat-set-up-W0QQAdIdZ358744004 Seen this on kijiji maybe some need the rear seat
  2. I think you going about it the right way. Its easier to keep something in place than to try to get a bunch of things back into place later.
  3. Looks good Eric I would trial ft the extensions and trunk before welding up the tail panel while you can still move stuff around
  4. Hello Brian Welcome from Sarnia Ont. Canada When you ready to buy your car, let the guys here know. Allot of guys will check out cars for other members all over the place. When you find something,they can give advise as to what your getting into before you purchase. At the very least, this will help you in your negotiations. However I would think that in California you will have the pick of the litter.
  5. Nice Joke Ken. But Salt trucks are almost extinct this year!
  6. NPD is 1 hours drive from me, and are very fast and reliable this is where i go first. Kijiji in canada and Criags list in the US as there us always tons of new and Nos parts
  7. Wish i could, but my wife would kill me. Looks like a nice project
  8. Nice work Q I gave up on mine a long time ago. If any one else is as brave as you are and attempt this momentous task, they could also use the inside section cougar doors.
  9. Well Just had a visit from Whitesoc (Ken) Ken is from Ancastor Ont. which is about a 2 1/2 drive from Sarnia. He knew that he had to come to Sarnia for the day for his work. He contacted me a couple weeks ago and we planned to meet. So I gave him the tour of the vert project. It was really nice visit because Ken is really into mustangs and driving his mustangs, which right now I can only dream about. So this will be a big help for keeping up the mojo to keep my project going. Afterwards we when and had a beer at the near by pub (1 beer as we both had to drive) and we talk more mustang. He had a few more parts contact his way that may come in handy for the project. So hopefully next we meet,I will have the vert done. Thanks for the Visit Ken So once again our 7173 site really shows me how great it is to be a small part of all these enthusiastic and helpful mustang nuts. I think that, that is something that "TopStangs" can't count about our site, even if they could count by ones.
  10. Just voted we are at 339 to 379 7:21 am I guess the TopStang.com programers can write computer code but can't count by ones! Maybe they need to spend some time with the cookie monster on sesame street and learn how to count. They can start slow by counting to two with cookies.
  11. Welcome from Sarina Ont Canada.
  12. OK lets test this out to see if its working Tomorrow when you vote post that you voted and what number you where at. This way we can count how many vote we are generating per day. There is only 71 of them and 1200 of us! looks like only 20 of them vote every day So we should be able to beat them this month
  13. looked on Eastwood site for a shrinking disk and can't find one. They have a how to use a shrinking disk video though! Anyone know where to get one.
  14. Nice Mark So are you going to attempt Q's butt welded floor pan?
  15. Here is a top down shot of the vert quarters Here is the inside of the vert quarters at the top well Here you can see the re-enforcing at the top of the quarters Here is a shot right above the wheelhouse Here is a shot above the wheel house from the truck area I plan to take the quarter tops, the deck lid, the interior quarter panel, the interior seat support, along with the support brackets all in one piece. I would then fit / align / screw everything in place temporarily At this point I could take the interior quarter panel, the seat support and the re-enforcing ring back off so I could get to the back of the weld on the quarters Finish the quarters, then re-install the balance
  16. Here's my thought..BEFORE splicing anything..I would try to get the vert qtrs off in 1 piece..At all the factory attaching points..You could leave a portion of the outer wheelhouse on for now, same at the door jamb..same at trunk dropoff..Once it's off then worry about removing those factory spot welded areas. yes but the vert 1/4s are bad on the bottom front and bottom back if they where good i would take them off as one piece.
  17. OK guys, I am looking for a little advise on where to cut and butt weld the upper quarters Here are my thoughts: Re-use the coupe's upper section at the quarter window because the first 10" are exactly the same as the convertible. This part I think is a no brainer as it stays the same Cut from the quarter window to about the middle of the wheel at the upper edge. Here I am worried that its hard to get to the back side to clean up, and maybe hard to dolly around if the metal moves. I could drop this cut lower. From the middle to the back would be cut at the coupes upper edge (this is lower than the convertible) Here I am to to worried because the back is open and i can clean it up and use a dolly
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