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  1. Hi John, Looked at gilmore car museum and excited to see upcoming events section also. Will definitely visit some of future events.
  2. Hi Mike, Congratulations and like to see your toy in action! Do share some videos of your Fiat 124spider.
  3. Hi Henrik, Video was really cool and impressed by how you keep car. Loved the car and video. Do you have more videos to share!
  4. Unable to see pictures, I will be kind if you will share pictures again.
  5. Hi John, Like to see pages inside these books. Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. Hi David, Thanks for making this thread and sharing stuff with others, Interesting to know Holman Moody 427 was only $2,100
  7. Hi Régis, I will advice you to check parts before buying to prevent from any loss or issue. If the prices are very interesting in France, so could be the quality of parts ;)
  8. Awesome pictures and the thing I like most is that the car also ran perfect and early theft prevention device on the right front wheel with patent date of 1915. Thanks for sharing with others also. Looking for more pictures.
  9. Hi Admin, Thanks for making this thread, I have tons of picture which I can share in this forum. Please guide me how to upload pictures. Thanks in advance for any input.
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