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  1. So I replaced the parking brake cable with the stainless steel versions from Inline Tube. I was impressed with the quality, but the end knots were larger than factory so they wouldn’t fit without grinding down. I also had to create a custom piece to bridge a 7 inch gap because the cables were too short for rear disc brakes. Certainly not Inline Tube’s fault but the install took longer than anticipated. See pics below
  2. Hey everyone, I'm John, and I'm new to the 71-73 Mustang ownership. I bought my 73 convertible, 302-2V C4 8" off of Craigslist recently. The car was being sold by the estate of the original owner, who passed away. In it's 45 years of life it has been regularly maintained and driven, although not too much. It had 49,133 original miles when I bought it a month ago. It's a really nice car to start with and has zero rust! My buddy and I trailered it out of the garage, the original owner's son had the carb rebuilt but the car wouldn't run. Took it home, installed a new gas tank, fuel pump, a battery, and some GT9 wheels and Comp T/As and started driving it around, car hummed like a sewing machine. Now I've got the fever. This weekend is a long weekend for my buddy ad I, so I have a truckload of stuff to install. Dual exhaust, SSBC discs on all four, new carpet, new stereo & lots of speakers (& and some Q-form kick panels) to replace the single blown dashboard speaker, new steering wheel, new door carpet, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting I ordered. Two things do not work on the car, the AC and the clock. After these parts are installed, I plan on getting some horsepower in it with some Victor Jr heads, Edelbrock 600 carb, dual plane intake, cam, and rockers. I'm trying to decide on a ring and pinion, I'm thinking a 3.08 would work with the C4 and not scream on the highway. Last step will be to bump the dings out, paint it 2017 F-150 bright blue, and get a new bright white top installed. Hopefully the pictures load! I read somewhere but didn't find it that one of the members on here found a way to modify the parking brake to accomodate the Q-pods.... anyone have a link to the thread?
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