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  1. You can see how much paint is coming off with that buffer pad still. Old beat up paint sure is more fun. I had a car thst was so perfect and pretty once i couldnt enjoy it.
  2. And thats it as far as body work and rust. Looks wise the next thing to do is ditch those white walls and mudflaps.
  3. I was thinking that myself. I can already see finger prints on it. Im gonna sand it just a bit more here and there then get it coated. I have 2 other spots on the passenger sode i have to figure out how to address.
  4. At least now it looks like its been driven and not used as a work bench lol And for the price of 10 minutes of my time.
  5. Firat pic is condition of paint before. Second pic was the trial area. 3rd pic is juat about half way done.
  6. Ill try to keep the back story short. Car was biught by my dad in 1976. I took possesion in 2006. 1973 mach1 original color blue. 1977-78 it was painted yellow. No stripes i guess my dad was going for the gone in 60 seconds look. 1993 his wife "suprised" him with a paint job, midnight blue with 71 stripe package. Even at 17 years old i could see the hack job these guys did but the car was good enough for a daily driver and thats what it was. I have my punch list of items to get done to make it a reliable grocery getter. Ive tossed the idea around of getting it painted but financially thats not in the books anytine soon. Seeing how it has 3 paint jobs on it already id want to get it all stripped down before putting another paint job on it. So i started messing around with the paint thats already on it. To my surprise the midnight blue shined right up with minimal effort. Of course it has its dings, dents and chips but ill call those personality lol. That left me wondering what to do with the hood stripe. The poor girl was used as a shelf for everything imaginable and even somewhat of a work bench from time to time. The hood showed it with scratches and even oil stains not to mention the swirl marks i put in it when dad let be borrow the car for the first time and i tried to wax it, doh lol... live and learn. So moving stuff about the garage i found some 180 grit paper. I rubbed it over one for the oil stains and to my suprise it looked pretty cool. So i dove in and went after the entire hood. Long straight strokes and to my delight it gave the hood a nice weathered look.
  7. The hood is what the paint looked like before buffiing.
  8. Forgot that a never posted pics of the woman scorn..... Ive made a little progress here and there. But the biggest auprise was the amount of life left in the 25 year old paint. Sure she has dings here and there, paint chips and even some dents....... but to be honest ive had flawless cars in the oast and they are to hard to enjoy. Instead im gonna buff her out and enjoy the ride. With minimal effort and a dose of meguires cleaner wax she starting to shine.
  9. After seeing that egr passage blocked with carbon i started to wonder if that might have contributed to the issue. The dieseling did stop once i turned the idle down. There does seem to be plenty of carbon deposits everwhere from intake to exhaust tip lol. I have two nice black spots on the concrete where the tail pipes turn down. This thing is still running the stock exhausts from 1973 with the orginal single exhaust crossover pipecut and welded shut lol. I suppose a little sea foam wont hurt. Ill do it before i replace the plugs.
  10. Woooo hoooooooo Points and condenser it was.(or one of he two) Road tested it stopped to put gas and it started right up. Wanted to switch everything out one at a time but i had to pull the distributor to perform a little surgery to get the condener out. The screw was stripped way before my time so there was sone drilling and cussing involved. And since it was ou it made it so much easier to set the new points. Thanks everyone for the input. Now that its road worthy ill wait a bit before going 4bbl . I got the intak for a steal so ill keep an eye out for a good deal on a carb too.
  11. Points and condenser replaced and set. Initial results seem to be positive. On a side not i snagged an intake on craigslist so now i can play this game with a 4bbl lol
  12. Here is a pic i found on ebay. I circled where the passeage goes throug the manifold.
  13. Didnt stop to take a pic. But underneath the egr plate is a grove\channel that matches the egr plate. Mine was full of carbon that i used a small brush to clear out. In doing so i noticed that at one end of the grove there is a hole that goes through the intake manifold.
  14. Ok. Took a break to tend to items on the honey do list and turned back to the mustang today Coil was changed= bo improvement. 1" carb spacer added today actually seemd to make things worse. Dug into the carb a bit and replaced the needle and seat and adjusted the float which brought things back to where i was pre spacer. But still hard to start when hot New question when using the 1" spacer i had to remove the egr plate. Is there a need to plug the hole that is in the intake manifold under the carb? Another new symptom was absolutely horible power from idle tio 3000 rpm. Is that a result of the spacer and carb tunning is needed?
  15. Didnt do anything other than use hands to bend it. At one point it was touching the head.
  16. I had float issues in the beinning and swapped around a few parts. Old with new etc..... wont hurt to revisit that.
  17. Well i had a fun time today. Happy with the dieseling issue solved i decided to take the car to the parts store to pick up a coil,points and condenser. While it struggles a little to start when hot its never not started. But when its out of gas at a stop light it tends not to run lol. The fuel sending unit hasnt been working but i have been dumping in a couple gallons here and there. Now what happens when you cross a car thats hard to start with running out of gas? A nearly dead battery in the left lane at a stop light lmao. So i do the door open 1 man car push to get out of the road and nearly got hit several times. I guess the days of people pulling over to help push are long gone.
  18. Don C gets a beer. Set the idle down and the diesel stopped fingers crossed it stays that way. Brings me back to the hot start which im going to go ahead and start switching out ignition components. Just for fun in gonna stay with points for now. Lol
  19. I think im going to set the timing back where it was and leave that vac adavance unhooked. I know for a fact it used to run strong and dependable that way. I will focus on the diesel and hot start issue first.
  20. The valve body does have to be removed. The seal installs on from the inside.
  21. Didnt even think of it being a clearance issue. That may further explain why a shop doesnt want to replace just that seal. Ill look under the car tonight and see what it looks like.
  22. Would you have been able to accomplish it while still mounted in the car? That may be why no one wants to touch it unless its a full rebuild.
  23. Has anyone pulled this off? Ive been turned away by 2 shops. They dont want tk touch it unless its a full rebuild.
  24. I was pulling the vacuum for the advance from the side of the carb and it seem its adavancing it to far. Can anyone with a 351c 2v confirm the source of vacuum for the advance?
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