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  1. Hi All, Can recommend replacement for D3VE-A2A heads? or tell me the exact size for valve guides. Could not find info that tells the size of valve guide. I think I got worn valve guides. My idle vacuum when engine hot vibrates fast, but steadies at high RPM. I try to adjust my valves first, but I fear the guides are too worn out. Thanks in advance! Please move to correct section (under engines)...
  2. More search done and I found the solution, there are many cut-to-lenght universal accelerator cables and brackets for them, just need to pick one...
  3. Hi All, I need your help. I installed Weiand 8021 intake to my BBF 429 (old one leaked), but my accelerator cable is too tight and it keeps my idle at 1500rpm. When I remove the cable from carb I get normal idle around 900 rpm (I got non-stock camshaft). My current cable is 23.75" long, I need atleast 24" or more. But I couldn't find one with the correct brackets (maybe it's my poor search skills). Do I need a custom one? Or should I change the gas pedal and cable (Lokar?) Thanks in advance :)
  4. @Fabrice I found this code in the bracket D3MH-2882-AB. Hope this helps, I got pics too if needed.
  5. @Fabrice Thanks, I need to make rear more stiff, so much power... I got rear end sway bar waiting to be installed. Black bracket is for A/C pump, but whole A/C system has been removed. I think you're not missing anything if you don't have A/C. But I can take more pics for you. @OzCoupe72 Thanks for the info, I got Holley 4150 with secondary vacuum carb. And I have planned to add 1/2" wooden spacer, should help. @keiths71 and mach71351c THANKS!
  6. Finally she is ready :) Last problem was fluctuating idle vacuum, so I had to open half of the motor and put it back together. No exact problem was found, only that my valve springs had too low spring pressure for my use (55PSI) so we changed them more stiff. But now she works like a charm, fun ride :)
  7. Welcome from Finland also :) Eli tervetuloa ;)
  8. Nothing much done in the winter as I don't have heated garage and my friend car is also there, so no room to do anything. But I got my back seat back from upholstery shop. Now they match front seats.
  9. @OzCoupe72 I am not a fan of shining things and I like it simple as you said. :)
  10. He's wife (or gf) eat it :P just because Fabrice is too busy with his car that he forgets to eat :D And great work as always! keep it up!
  11. Sorry I got it wrong I meant 50mm2 cable -> AWG 0. SORRY. We use metric system so I made mistake... And I used highly flexible rubber cable.
  12. Do you have any pics of your set up? Seems that I only got pic where I routed it. Plus cable already in place. Minus cable fits also there. I used 6 AWG eletrical stranded copper cable.
  13. Well I got fiber glass front bumber as well :)
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