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  1. Hello Group, Im looking for the rear bumper mounts RH & LH for 1971-72. These things are as rare as hens teeth, I would like to purchase new. D1ZZ-17A750-AR D1ZZ-17A751-AR No one has inventory. Any suggestions on a vendor ?? Thank you, HVY MTL
  2. Great looking ride and I think you will like the louvers. ::thumb:: I had them on my 71 Mach and they look great. Cheers, HVY MTL
  3. I'm a Field Service Technician in the lumber sawmill industry. My main focus is sharpening and benching equipment for band saws and circular saws. I travel mostly the south east with a few trips to Canada.....eh ! I don't get alot of time to work on Heavy Metal, but making progress. I'm 2yrs into a 3yr project and alot of the rough stuff is finished. New floors, F/R Torque Boxes, Inner Rockers, New 5 Point Seats and Pans, Body work and the car is in Primer. I may do the rear seat delete.........I had suggestions of a fold down bar with booze........Finishing up the engine compartment
  4. OMG......what a good laugh. I agree....the Darwin Theory is at play here........ :shootself: HVY MTL
  5. I have a 73' vert with a 306 and I'm all about Edelbrock 600CFM #1406 with electric choke. It's very easy to set up and always holds a tune. My car has been on jack stands for 2 yrs and I start it every 3-6 weeks, depending on what it doing to it. The carb is very old and was neglected, still runs like a champ........ ::thumb:: Cheers, HVY MTL
  6. Put a new master cylinder on "Heavy Metal"......of coarse I need n adapter fitting for the rear brake line. The rear fitting in new master cylinder is 3/8-24 and the OEM line is 7/16-24.....gotta love it. Some days you need patience......and alot of beer..... ::beer::
  7. I just did a trans service and filter on my 73 vert. ......4qts will get you on the dip stick.......add from there. ::thumb::
  8. Ahhhh.....i see what you did there.....good stuff..... ::thumb::
  9. National Parts Depot will have what you need. The have front & rear frame extensions plus inner outer rocker panels. I hope this helps. Heavy Metal
  10. Very sorry to hear about your situation, I've been following your post. Thank goodness you have a good insurance company. I would strip your old car, and build another with good bones. ::thumb:: Will stay tuned, Heavy Metal
  11. Ya Know.......they found the fisrt 2 in China that started this virus: Sum Ting Wong Ho Lee Fuk :whistling:
  12. OMG......my new fav....... :bravo:
  13. A beautiful blend of OEM and new.......congratulations...... ::thumb::
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