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  1. Hello Group, Im looking for the rear bumper mounts RH & LH for 1971-72. These things are as rare as hens teeth, I would like to purchase new. D1ZZ-17A750-AR D1ZZ-17A751-AR No one has inventory. Any suggestions on a vendor ?? Thank you, HVY MTL
  2. Great looking ride and I think you will like the louvers. ::thumb:: I had them on my 71 Mach and they look great. Cheers, HVY MTL
  3. I'm a Field Service Technician in the lumber sawmill industry. My main focus is sharpening and benching equipment for band saws and circular saws. I travel mostly the south east with a few trips to Canada.....eh ! I don't get alot of time to work on Heavy Metal, but making progress. I'm 2yrs into a 3yr project and alot of the rough stuff is finished. New floors, F/R Torque Boxes, Inner Rockers, New 5 Point Seats and Pans, Body work and the car is in Primer. I may do the rear seat delete.........I had suggestions of a fold down bar with booze........Finishing up the engine compartment with paint, new Master Cyl, Borgsen PS Pump Conversion. 302 Boss Cast Alum. Valve Covers, Accell Ignition components. Will soon start on the front grill and has the 71-72 Conversion with 71 urethane bumper. Thanks for reading. ::thumb:: HVY MTL
  4. OMG......what a good laugh. I agree....the Darwin Theory is at play here........ :shootself: HVY MTL
  5. I have a 73' vert with a 306 and I'm all about Edelbrock 600CFM #1406 with electric choke. It's very easy to set up and always holds a tune. My car has been on jack stands for 2 yrs and I start it every 3-6 weeks, depending on what it doing to it. The carb is very old and was neglected, still runs like a champ........ ::thumb:: Cheers, HVY MTL
  6. Put a new master cylinder on "Heavy Metal"......of coarse I need n adapter fitting for the rear brake line. The rear fitting in new master cylinder is 3/8-24 and the OEM line is 7/16-24.....gotta love it. Some days you need patience......and alot of beer..... ::beer::
  7. I just did a trans service and filter on my 73 vert. ......4qts will get you on the dip stick.......add from there. ::thumb::
  8. Ahhhh.....i see what you did there.....good stuff..... ::thumb::
  9. National Parts Depot will have what you need. The have front & rear frame extensions plus inner outer rocker panels. I hope this helps. Heavy Metal
  10. Very sorry to hear about your situation, I've been following your post. Thank goodness you have a good insurance company. I would strip your old car, and build another with good bones. ::thumb:: Will stay tuned, Heavy Metal
  11. Ya Know.......they found the fisrt 2 in China that started this virus: Sum Ting Wong Ho Lee Fuk :whistling:
  12. OMG......my new fav....... :bravo:
  13. A beautiful blend of OEM and new.......congratulations...... ::thumb::
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