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  1. Welcome from Down Under - Nice ride
  2. Hi RocketFoot Got mine in South Oz today. Look great. Thanks Shane
  3. Just did a quick ebay search - this crowd are in Moorabin - try calling them. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-New-PROTEX-Disk-Brake-Rotors-Front-For-FORD-MUSTANG-2D-H-Top-RWD/174178020692?hash=item288dd1ad54%3Ag%3A9xoAAOSwfedeNY4H&fits=Year%3A1971|Model%3AMustang|Submodel%3ACoupe+5.8|Make%3AFord|Plat_Gen%3A--|Variant%3ARWD+Petrol+5.8L+8cyl+187kW|Engine%3A5762cc+187kW+(Petrol) Or these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-1970-1973-Mustang-2x-Raybestos-Front-Disc-Brake-Rotors-pair-70-71-72-73/333108720678?epid=1246723780&hash=item4d8ed3b426:g:fbMAAOSwv7da0ZCh Hope this he
  4. If you were after a modern pro-tourer look they would be great.
  5. I was going to put the internal one on the windscreen but the tint band is too dark. So put it on the rear quarter. Put one of the external ones on my 70 series cruiser.
  6. Received mine today - Thanks very much. Will post pic when I get them on the car.
  7. Nice ride ::thumb:: Welcome from Adelaide
  8. I have one as well. I drive mine whenever I feel the urge rain hail or shine. Works a treat - one of the best mods you can do I reckon. I'm 6'4 and having to reach forward all the time to turn the wipers on and of in drizzle sucked. Shane
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