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  1. If you were after a modern pro-tourer look they would be great.
  2. I was going to put the internal one on the windscreen but the tint band is too dark. So put it on the rear quarter. Put one of the external ones on my 70 series cruiser.
  3. Received mine today - Thanks very much. Will post pic when I get them on the car.
  4. Nice ride ::thumb:: Welcome from Adelaide
  5. I have one as well. I drive mine whenever I feel the urge rain hail or shine. Works a treat - one of the best mods you can do I reckon. I'm 6'4 and having to reach forward all the time to turn the wipers on and of in drizzle sucked. Shane
  6. G'Day from down under. Great lookin ride :coolphotos:
  7. Great variety of cars and bikes at that show - thanks for sharing. Love the patina bug with the air suspension. ::thumb:: Also the CBX - nothing like the howl of a six :D Shane
  8. Welcome from down under. Can't wait to see hoe your project goes.
  9. Hi Tony, Dee Why is about an hour away from my parents place. Will speak to the minister for war and finance about somewhere to meet as she knows Sydney better than me. Will PM my mobile number. Shane
  10. Where abouts in Sydney will you be Tony? I am going to see my parents for Christmas - no Mustang though - no air con yet and the minister for war and finance needs air con :D Be good to meet for a beer. TFS heads are small aren't they? lollerz Shane
  11. That's more like it! Unfortunately I don't live in Australia anymore so I can't get my car to them as they do installs only :-/ But yeah, that's the system I'd like and I imagine that for our Mustangs it could be real simple with just 3 sensors (2 sides and trunk), 3 actuators, 1 CPU and a fob key. Viper also do a similar add on but I don.t know it connects with their alarm systems. Do a search for proximity entry and start alarm systems that is what I searched for,you should get results closer to you. Shane
  12. Something like these Vinnie? https://www.naviplus.com.au/single-post/2016/06/01/Push-to-Start-Keyless-Entry-Recent-tech-addon-for-your-vehicle-available-Naviplus-Part-1 Shane
  13. The only problem with using that red/green wire for a HEI relay is that the tachometer will not register a signal. True But if his HEI needs a full 12 volts at run there is not much he can do without running an msd tach adapter or something similar is there?
  14. On your starter solenoid you have a red and light blue wire that pulls the solenoid in to run the starter motor. On the solenoid there is a separate set of contacts which has a red and green wire on it - this supplies 12 volts to your coil during start up - leave this wiring alone. The second red and green wire that is on your coil is the one you use to bring in a relay to supply 12v to your HEI dist. It's the wire that drops to 9v when the key is in the run position. If you look at the attached pdf you will see how to wire in the relay. The wire going from your ignition switch to terminal 85 on the relay is the red and green wire that drops to 9v when your key is in the run position. https://documents.holley.com/frm33565_ready_to_run_add.pdf Hope this helps Shane
  15. I just replaced mine and didn't use any tape on the glass - the mould and the chrome strip hold it in place very tightly ( had to use a rubber mallet to seat it all the way home). Don't use the foam seal unless you want it to leak, There are plenty of threads here about the drip rail install and sealing if you do a search. Some people use a butyl type of tape (can't remember the name) and some have use sikaflex sealant. Sikaflex do a specific sealant for automotive glass - forget the number but that is what I used and it has worked fine. Shane
  16. +1 Wired a separate relay for high and low beam and even improves the lighting from the crappy sealed beams :D
  17. Light blue with red stripe is illumination. White with pink is power. Shane

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