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  1. I bought it online last year can’t remember where
  2. Finished up the exhaust put back on the ground, need to finish brakes and order drive shaft
  3. Nothing to the towers, built my own custom headers
  4. Got the motor running, finished up all the little things in the engine bay
  5. Slow progress did start on the door panel mock up, changed the rear gears plumbed the fuel cell
  6. Here are what the 2 window etchings would look like
  7. All my research says there was both laminated and tempered in mustangs from 71-73 , and actually my work car a 2019 escape has laminated door glass
  8. As the title says laminated door glass only not tempered please message me with what you have
  9. Thanks guys for your I put I am leaning towards new handles just extra work, Vinnie the panel there is double wallled and I am going to weld them together like a tunnel so I hope it’s not to much
  10. Also what do you guys think, old door handles or new style
  11. Not much to show, did get the door harnesses installed
  12. I will going to take it to a glass shop
  13. First picture is of the Piece with the rubber so I could get the angle right next to it of it welded on, no filler yet.now to get my glass cut
  14. Been kind of slow going, not had much time did manage To go over to my guy and get 2 doors, going to use the locking mechanism and power windows out it plus the side mirrors , everyone knows those door mounted mirrors suck. Cut the mounts out of the old doors and tacked them on the 73, I really like the look plus they usable
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