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  1. Hi Team.. Ever since completing my 73 build with original wiring my horn fuse kept blowing. Haven't worried about it until our Warrant of fitness check every 6 months where I replace it for the check. Horn goes fine until I discovered it only blows when I turn my headlights on. I know from the wiring diagram it is linked to the cigarette lighter and wondered if it has anything to do with the bulb that is on inside the cigarette lighter which is definately going when lights are on. Is there anything I can easily check k without pulling the dash. Cheers Steve NZ
  2. Thanks guys I am still trying to work things out without knowing what the actual drive gear teeth number is. The trans guy who rebuilt my C4 thought it was an 8 tooth from a guess but the links you have given me tend to say for gear ratios up to 3.5 they are 7 tooth gears. As mine is a 3.25 (links say 3.27??) (Crown wheel 39 teeth and Pinion 12) I did count the speedo gear tooth which is an 18 so am trying to work backwards with the indicated speed of 75mph being 62mph actual. The tyres are 26.6inch so 758 revolutions per mile.
  3. Hi team I have a 73 vert with a 351W and C4 transmission. Put the car together and discovered that the speedo is reading 75mph when I am doing 100km (62mph) using a gps speed app on my phone. I discovered when adding an LSD to the 9 inch diff that the gearing wasnt the 2.79 as on the tag but 3.25 and my rims that came with the car are non standard 16 inch mercury grand marquis wheels. The tyres on them are 225/60/16s. I have no idea which speedo driven gear is on the cable and am not sure which size I should get to bring the indicated speed down to reflect the real s
  4. Thanks I only got them powder coated as an interim measure until I could afford some better ones. They were just bare alloy when I got them and I didn't like the look. I have had some positive comments on them at car gatherings but I still think the original magnum 500 rims either steel or alloy still suit the muzzys
  5. Yes that's why I wanted to see some on a car first as I had my doubts too. I powder coated black the rims my car came with as I didn't have any $$ left to buy new rims. I discovered they were mercury grand marquis r16 inch rims
  6. Had no reply from anyone on our forum however I did get a reply from a fellow Mustang owner of a 71-73 face bookk group. He sent some photos of these rims on his red convertible for anyone who might be interested in seeing what they look like as well.
  7. So I removed my carrier/diff head and the oil was quite black and smelled burnt. I had sucked out the old oil and put new oil in just over a year ago. My mechanic didnt have the chance to disassemble the diff head until yesterday. Turns out the ratio is 3.25 so this proves the diff is not original in the car as the code said 2.79 ratio. I am happy to stick with the 3.25 as she is 99.9% a street car and glad she has a little bit better acceleration for that once a year on the 1/4 mile. I am replacing all the bearings, collapsable spacer, seal and o-ring. Question are they always a squa
  8. Thanks. I definately dont have the staggered shocks as I removed the carrier the day before yesterday and dropped it to my mechanics workshop to pull apart. He will check my gear ratio. So did all 71-73 with a trac loc 9 inch have the staggered shocks? I see they were added to an earlier model which looks a bit different. I dont have those skills to do that unfortunately so it would cost me more $$$ than I have right now to mod it... was way over budget getting it back on the road! Lol
  9. Ha exactly. I bought the car already painted black. The previous owner in the US bought it around 2013 and it was blue with blue interior. He got it panel and painted and then it sat as a body shell for 5 yrs before he sold it. He did have 11 cars in various states of rebuild. I am undecided whether to change the seat colour to dark red. A lot of people who have seen it like the white and with the roof down the seats dont get hot. Thanks Stanglover. Yes I did add a leaf to the old springs as the cost of importing springs from the US paying for the weight was beyond my budget!
  10. Ok thanks Don will do. I will get back to everyone tomorrow after I remove it and let you know.
  11. Thanks for the photos. I will chuck the car up on the hoist tomorrow and take some photos from the same angle as yours. I only have a couple of shots at the moment to show the diff. There are welding lines showing where the diff was added to the axle tubes. Are these normal. Also one of the rebuilt LSD I am putting in.
  12. Thanks Stanglover. Yes I did add a leaf to the old springs as the cost of importing springs from the US paying for the weight was beyond my budget! When I got the car assembled and took it to my first car gathering, with passengers in the back the diff hit the drivers side exhaust pipe over gentle bumps. The extra leaf and bend in the springs lifted her an inch as she was a bum down stance before. I have attached a photo from that car show where she is looking like a drag car with the nose up! I am dropping the carrier out tomorrow when I can access the car. I will disconnect the drive shaft
  13. Thanks. My car is in storage at a friends factory during lockdown so I havent been able to access it until tomorrow. I will have a look and check. As I assembled the car over a year ago I cant remember but think both the shocks went the same way into the floor behind the seat where I did the nuts up from memory. Because the car had the extra plates and a 9 inch made me wonder if the diff had been swapped. I googled what they are there for and saw photos showing a rear sway bar but my chassis doesnt have the holes where the sway bar rubber bush mounts would be so one has never been fitted. Frie
  14. Hi Team My 73 vert was originally a 302 coded car with a C4 and Axle 3 2.79:1 ratio The car when I bought it and imported it to NZ just over 2 years ago had a 351W C4 and what I believe to be a 28 spline 9inch diff. The previous US owner purchased the car 6 years earlier with this engine in it. When replacing the shocks, I also noticed the spring hangers had extra plates with an extra tounge and hole fitted which I believe are for a rear sway bar assembly. I am about to remove the Diff carrier assembly as my mechanic is going to fit a 2nd hand rebuilt 28 spline LSD that I
  15. 1973 Was originally blue with a blue interior. White roof. Had 302 according to the codes. Last American Owner had it repainted Black. Had a 351 windsor transplanted into it some time in its life. He wanted to stick a 460 stroked to a 545 in it with kaase P51 heads. Was offering it for sale with either the 351 or the 460 block bored out and had stroker kit, not assembled. no heads or fruit so I opted for the 351 as compliance would be difficult in NZ. 351 now rebuilt 30 thou over. 400Hp. Edelbrock E street heads, performer cam intake and 600cfm carby.
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