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  1. Cheers David. It's a big learning curve as I try and work out how one goes back together. I really appreciate the help I get from you guys after all my stupid questions as it's the first car I have built up.
  2. Hi everyone. Car arrived in NZ with only 3 of these Ford wheel centre caps would anyone have an old spare lying around they would be willing to send to an LA address (kiwi car exporter based in the USA). Have blown the budget to buy 4 new ones. Eventually want to get Magnum 500s but have to stick with the rims it can with for the time being.
  3. Wow awesome thanks guys for the photos they will be really helpful.
  4. Thanks so much. I am at the stage of putting the dash in. I have just attached the brake pedal box so perfect timing. Cheers Steve.
  5. Any picture from that part? Apologies I thought I had uploaded it on my phone. It seems to fail saving a few times. Should be there now. Thanks for letting me know
  6. Hi this part was loose amongst the box of bits with the car .any idea where it goes? Is it a dash part
  7. Before and after of the engine. New Edelbrock performer cam, E street heads, High compression pistons. Performer RPM intake. Should hopefully be around 350hp now. The engine numbers come back to a 74 galaxy low compression engine.
  8. So a really long story short. Imported a 73 vert unfinished project from California. Was panel and painted 5 yrs ago but not put together. Owner selling due to ill health. Had new rear 1/4s and rear floor pan. I had it inspected prior to importing however exporter didn't spot the bad workmanship. Rear innder guards did not meet new outers in wheel arch. Bad repair to left rear trunk drop panel. Car had old accident damage in front where panel and painters had painted over buckled front chassis rails. One was cracked through at the crumple point. I was told the car was mint and would fly through compliance here in NZ. Engine 1974 351W and C4 had been running in vehicle, stored for 4 yrs then been running on owner old ford truck. He paid a guy to take it out and waterblast it and pallet it up for shipping. Car arrives with lots of new parts. I disconnect the C4 to discover water pours out of the driveshaft spline. Rebuild $1600. Idiot waterblasting it also got water down intake. 2 mths sitting during shipping. Seized motor. $9k rebuild. Certifier finds cracked chassis. Bugger! New Dynacorn chassis rail apron assemblies and cross members $2k, panel and paint shop to chop off the old front and line up, weld and paint new front $5k. Now I can finally start assembly. Sadly my budget well and truely blown! aluminum sulfide chemical formula
  9. Should they be the same or has the shorter one been modified. My longer one is broken so I wonder if I can pop it to an upholsterer and get it shortened
  10. I have attached a photo of the back sides of the two pillar mouldings. The shorter one has been upholstered properly I gather the two side should be the same and this one has been broken and then shortened and rounded off. I have
  11. Thanks David. Yes looks like I may have to get a small stainless plate made with a thread. So my centre piece must have been upholstered at some stage to match. Re the side pieces the fenders are back on and all aligned and headlight buckets and grill in so may have to just sika them in place when the time comes and new windscreen is put in. (Old owner cracked it when getting removed)
  12. Thanks. The long blue piece is upholstered and has mounting holes in it but didn't see two holes close together for the plastic bracket. I have the old blue visors complete and also bought new black visors to slide on. The rubber bungs are missing though. Do you know if the square flat plate with the thread is available to buy as I gather it will be difficult to buy another single stainless piece from a set. I intend to wrap the stainless in black and spray the blue vynsl black to match the new standard door panels (old blue ones never arrived with car) Cheers Steve
  13. Hi David. Here are the bits I have but I see one of the plates is completely missing not just the stud. I presume that piece is unavailable unless I buy the complete piece. Also the small lugs on the side bits have no attachment points I can see on my windscreen frame on the sides. Also not sure where the top blue panel goes.
  14. Thanks David. I'll be at the factory where my car is stored in about an hour and will take photos of the parts I am trying to piece together for the windscreen. I have the 3 sections of stainless ( sorry thought they were just chrome) and there is the reminants of the black foam Is this foam available specific for the car of I just source a strip of some self adhesive foam like soundproofing foam I have for the firewall
  15. Yes exactly. I was reading the blurb on a parts site that said I needed two but it looked like it held both so that's why I thought I would check with you guys. Thanks.
  16. Thanks guys. Sorry yes we do use different words for describing the various parts of cars. Our bonnet is your hood, our guards are your fenders. Our windscreen is your windshield The pictures are great thank you. I will be working on the car today and will take some photos of what I have got that I can't quite work out how to fix to the car. The photo of the two sunvisor meeting in the middle did answer my question as I have two of that centre centre clip saved in my CJ pony parts cart but I see I definately only need one. The stainless surrounds for the windscreen does have some threads missing I think. I spoke to an automotive windscreen shop who said chop the rest off and just sika them down but now I'm not sure. I'll take a photo of my windscreen frame as there are no lugs or holes to fix the side stainless covers. Cheers
  17. Hi team. Can someone please post a pic of their convertible sunvisor set up showing the small clip that hold the end of their visors please. My car was dismantaled when i bought it so I don't know how many of these clips I need. I read I need two somewhere but it is described as a centre clip and shows it has a centre divider. Also I would be interested in a photo showing the upholstered panels that sit on the inside of the screen too please. As for the outside edge, my car has no lugs on it or holes for screws so I presume the new screen will need to be sikaflexed in place like a modern screen and I will have to then sikaflex the chrome outer surround. Cheers
  18. Hi Ed Did you receive my PM with the two address options. Cheers Steve Yes, I received the two addresses. The splash shields are still available but as I posted I can only find three of them. Is that still ok with you or have I just made a big mess? Please let me know. Thanks, Ed Raver I'm going to the Boss Nationals this weekend so the shipping will be delayed a couple of days. Hi Ed No worries. I will check your 3 against the one I got off the wrecked grande and with a bit of luck it will make the set! please let me know your paypal details and the cost of the shields you have and the postage when you get a chance Regards Steve
  19. Hi Ed Did you receive my PM with the two address options. Cheers Steve
  20. Thanks guys. Ed I would be interested in buying the set please. Thank you for a great price. I have attached a photo of the part number on the shield which has a split in the bottom. I will pm you with some details as I will check with the kiwi guy who exported my car to me lives in LA . I can ask him to pay you direct into an American bank account and he will throw them in his next container of cars coming to NZ. Due to the fact he inspected my car and told me it was a minter and will fly through compliance in NZ and it turns out I have to replace the front end due to a buckled chassis he isn't charging me freight. Unless your a parts agent and I can pm or email my credit card details and Robs California address. Cheers Steve
  21. Hi Ed Nice Car! Yes thats correct the 4 plastic inner shields under the front wheel arches. The wrecked 73 only had one of them and it was in very rough condition and the seller of my car could not find his (he had a few mustangs to get rid of and had parts mixed up)
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