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  1. Hi Guys, I'm new to this Forum and this is my first post so sorry if I mess it up. I can share my recent experience in upgrading the original 1/2" sway bar to the ADDCO 990 7/8". First off, a year ago I ordered the wrong bar from ADDCO because I used the website and thought I could figure it out. Wrong. I ordered the smaller 3/4" sway bar and didn't know it was the "Non-Stock" replacement. Had I talked to the ADDCO people at the beginning they would have steered me in the right direction. So this past December when trying to install the wrong bar, I gave up and called them. The Tech Support guy that answered was Ernie Jabour and he was fantastic. He explained what I had vs what I should have had and he swapped them out for me. Now I had to pay the shipping for the wrong one back, but I was thrilled to not have to eat the whole cost of my mistake. I took until mid January before they could run the production of the 7/8" diameter bars, but I received the ADDCO 990 bar and accessories a week later. So my suggestion is, if you ever have any questions, call these guys. Either Tech Support or Customer Service, they were both great for me. The Customer Service guy I followed up with was John, not sure what his last name is. ADDCO's number is 828-733-1560. Now, once I got the new 990 rear bar I was concerned because the end links were much shorter than the originals. But when I mounted the bar, if fit perfectly. But the links seemed like they should be longer, so I called Ernie. He immediately asked me if I had the full curb weight on the axle? I had some, but not full. When I jacked the axle up to put full weight on the length was perfect. I'm going to try to show some pictures below that might explain it better to someone in the future that is a rookie like me. This image is the ADDCO 990 next to the Original 1/2" factory sway bar. I still have the original link on the right end. This next Image is a close up of the length of the original end link versus the new end link provided with the 990. The next two pictures are the provided end links installed on my Mustang with FULL curb weigh. I only have these loosely hand tightened in this picture but you can see how parallel they line up with with sway bar. Prior to jacking the axle up, it looked like the end links needed to be an inch or so longer. I hope this might be useful for someone in the future. But the thing I would strongly recommend is to call the Addco people versus use the email or website if you have any questions. They are soooo helpful and genuinely made a very positive impression on me. Thanks for all of you that posted to this subject. That Stang car picture was amazing! Wow. Bob
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