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  1. Focusing on electrical this winter. I'd love to change out my current glass fuses/box to blades. Seems I can't tell if fuse is blown cuz it usually shatters when I remove it - is blown fuse the prob or some ground/etc issue? Is there a conversion kit? If so, how hard to change out?
  2. Thx, will give it a try next week when I get back in town.
  3. Thx guys - will root around the engine well and see if I can find lost connector. IF I can't find a plug - [seat belt warning] (which is strange cuz I do have seat belt warning light {no bulb currently} above glove box and connected beneath passenger seat), does it have to be connected /jumped to complete the BU light circuit? Or can I just ignore it and let it hang, focusing instead on the BU light connection?
  4. Got a 73 Convertible that's ready for the road EXCEPT - no back-up lights. Scoured all the posts but found something I didn't expect. First off - bulbs are good, no power to sockets, fuse ok. Crawled under, planning to check out power to NSS, expecting to have to change out the NSS. First thing I noticed was the dangling connector with nothing attached. Not sure, but is this right? Seems like SOMETHING should connect! Also, looks like the NSS and the linkage is new-ish and has been replaced recently so that sorta steers me away from that. So before I go tearing things out - is this the right NSS? And what does that connector attach to? Is this why I have no back-up lights? Advise on where do I go from here? BTW - car started out as a 73 base model, auto transmission.
  5. Thx everyone. Gonna change out the circuit board and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be the guy going obliviously down the road with the left turn signal on!
  6. So, here we go ... 1973 convertible... Prob: left directional light in the instrument cluster doesn’t blink. Exterior turn signal and flashers blink. New LED bulbs in cluster. Cleaned all the connectors/circuit board/pins in connector. Did the 9v battery test on the bulb AND on the circuit board while bulb was installed and both worked. Changed out both relays. Re-installed the instrument cluster, plugged it in, no left turn signal in cluster. Repeat, re-install, no light. Maybe the pin connector that plugs into cluster? Noticed the pins were numbered. Anyone have a schematic so I can test the connector? Anyone know which pin is ground and left turn signal power? And, if that’s the prob, where do I find a replacement without having to buy a whole wiring harness? Can I live without an interior left turn signal? Sure. But don’t want to unless absolutely nightmarish to fix. Any ideas?
  7. Hey guys - been lurking awhile as I restore/ mod my 73 convertible. Got it all where I want it but this horn issue is killing me. Replaced the factory steering wheel with a wood, 3-spoke, 14" new one. Got the chrome billet and horn button also (recommended with purchase). Here's the problem - the horn only blows when I turn the wheel! Button doesn't work but the horns sure do. I've re-installed this thing ~ six times now. It seems there's 2 spring-loaded contacts in column, which are compressed when I put the steering wheel nut on, making contact with the plate on the billet. Am I missing a part that wasn't included in the package? Some vids show a spring around shaft but I don't remember a spring during disassembly. Needless to say, I got a nice, new steering wheel but disconnected horns ... BTW - it's a Scott Drake Corso Feroce Shelby Style wheel and 9 bolt billet adjustable SW adapter
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