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  1. Thank you. Always wanted a convertable but kept putting it off. Finally found one i really liked. Decided i better get busy before the kids take my car keys away. Lol. Now i wish i hadn't put it off so long.
  2. Thank you. According to the door tag that is the original exterior color and the original interior combo. Not sure about top color but i like the color combo too. Might have to see about a Marti Report to find out more.
  3. Hello and thank you for the welcome. To tell the truth, i am not sure what that is for. It is some sort of small outdoor speaker. Havent had a chance to check it out yet. There is a little extra wiring under the dash added somewhere in its life. It will be interesting to find out.
  4. Thank you. West Virginia is beautiful. Had a place in Friars Hill years ago.
  5. Thank you. Not too far from central Ky.
  6. Thank you. Lots of info and many friendly members here.
  7. Wow! Thanks. Mustangs are everywhere.
  8. Thanks. Looking forward to getting things back as they should be. Had a 66 Coupe years ago. Always wanted a vert. Finally!!!
  9. Thank you Mike. Great to be here. Friendly people and loads of great info.
  10. Thank you. Just glad that i am able to drive it while i work on it.
  11. Thank you. Its great to be here.
  12. Thank you. Its great to see Mustans are popular around the world.
  13. Thank you. Great to be among all these Mustang owners.
  14. Thank you for the welcome. As a matter of fact, i live in Lexington. My family is from Paris, and Winchester. My son works at a business behind Paul Miller. Small world. The vert is so much fun to drive, get compliments and big smiles every time i take it out. Looking forward to getting everything back in order for a long cruise. :thankyouyellow:
  15. Thank you. Serving was my honor, the vert will be my pleasure.

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