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  1. You are correct. I need to update that, just realized that a short while ago
  2. yeah thats a bit much to ship without it being a pain
  3. I ha.Did an oil change and took her for a drive. Got it warm and slammed the petal up to 60mph and started to see smoke. Turns out i have another coolant leak. I just cant win with this damn car
  4. Finally got a chance to finish my "Tune Up" Valve covers replaced, Spark Plugs Replaced, PCV Valve/Hose replaced, and Vacuum advanced hose replaced. Its back to running and not stalling once put into gear so i took her for a victory lap.. Havent install pertronix yet but i did install a new "Capacitor" in the points. I have all new spark plug wires too but only installed one to start with which i broke when replacing the spark plugs.
  5. As always, 1 step forward 2 steps back.. New radiator is in but the car isnt idling well and stalls when put in gear. I'm assuming I either have a vacuum leak or ignition issue. Especially given my last experience with points. Next steps: Replace leaky valve covers Replace Spark Plugs Install Petronix Replace pcv and vacuum advance hoses
  6. New radiator showed up. Now just need the weekend to get here
  7. It's probably due. I got a 3 row aluminum.off Amazon for $169
  8. Well I didnt go rent a pressure tester instead I just blew air into the radiator through the overflow. Instantly coolant started shooting out the passenger side of the radiator. It's by the hose but its bot coming from the hose. Its sprays like a mist right out of the top row. Time to order a new radiator
  9. Well took it for another test drive with a new radiator cap. 1. I apparently tightened the kickdown/o-ring area too much. As the shifter is a struggle to put into gear. 2. SAME issue. After warming up it blows coolant all over and no real idea where from. It appears to be around the passenger side but it doesnt look like it's from the main hose. I'm getting to wonder if the radiator has a hole some where and considering trying some stop leak Also when it gets warm it also starts having the oil light come on when idle so blah
  10. Havent had a chance to go on a 2nd test drive but the original one went great other then the coolant issue. The car shifts good, the power steering works good, it handles pretty well in general. The main concerns are fixing leaks at this point. I need to replace the valve covers, and get the coolant sorted out. Of course its raining for the next 4 freaking days here to so maybe ill test it in the rain next
  11. ok, i have no replaced my radiator cap and need to go for another drive. I also didnt tighten down the nut on the trans as much as i thought and after a good tightening it seems to either not eb leaking or leaking very little in comparison
  12. Today is pissing me off. I replaced a o ring on the trans...still leaks blah!! I took.it for a drive and was all happy until I got home and coolant was everywhere. On the hood, baggery, radiator, wtf Top it off and i need to replace.my main breaker at home. It's been getting weird and the mfer is stuck and wont come tf out. Stupid pos murray mdh junk mfer
  13. O ring finally showed up yesterday so ill be putting that on soon. Over the weekend i finally coated the rear end parts, cut/re-fitted the bumper brackets, and put it all back together.
  14. Perfect! That diagram told me exactly where to put it too! Thank you sir
  15. The kickdown shaft has an o-ring that seals it to the bore in the shift shaft. Most likely it and the shift shaft seal are leaking, but it's a ten minute job so worth a try. The o-ring is Ford part # 386078-S Seems like that shows as a c6 part number. Will that work on a c4?
  16. it appears to just be leaking from the kickdown rod. I stuck a box under it so i can really see where its coming from
  17. Hmm, is there supposed to be an oRing for that? Trying to figure out how to fix the leak and hoping its a simple one
  18. Ok I'm trying to figure out why the c4 is leaking but I'm confused. I have a floor shift and c4 and kickdown. But there is a third rod connected to the column. Wth is this??? Also I pulled her out and ran up the road so i could turn her around in the garage
  19. i would try to fix it but if all else fails you could just patch it. Find a rusty fender with that part good. Cut it out and weld it in. If youre near Columbia TN i can hook you up with such a fender to cut your patch out of
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