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  1. Thanks to all! I did follow the videos in the threat link from Don C‘s reply ! 3 Hours of work - but I‘m happy with the result! Now I have to fix the km/h foil bubbles!
  2. Thank you all! But my original lens is broken and is contaminated with yellow glue particles- so I try to cut of the trip reset and glue it into the new repro lens! Just following the instructions
  3. Thanks - didn’t find it - next time I search more accurately!
  4. I have received my odometer back from repair and like to install a new bezel lens. Following one of the threads I‘ll like to drill a whole and glue the back of the tip on the new lens! WHO can help me „how to disassemble the reset tip“ from the old lens?
  5. Yes, looks like you are right! I’m going to weld a washer in the whole to get the right fit to the small screws! Txs Harald
  6. who can give me directions for installation of these upper inner rear panels? How these are fixed in the upper edge to the window ? There is no molding to cover, correct? No wholes to fix with screws? Mine are over bent ! Are these are available to buy somewhere? I checked the forum but did not find any post on this topic?! Any guidance is welcome!
  7. Thanks, ok a screw! But what size of a screw...the wholes in the Panel have about 0,3 inch...? The attachments showing the wholes of the panel of my mach 1 1972! By the way ...in German there is only one word for bolt or screw...both are called “Schraube” Can someone advise about the screw?
  8. Can somebody tell me what bolts are used for a 72 Mach1 to fix the Rear panel? I checked NPD and the internet but did not find anything! Are the bolts visible like on the image (image is not a 72)? Can anybody post an image of the bolt and size? Thanks Harald Hi
  9. Thanks - this means I have to work on the alignment of the panels, as the width is the same as on mine!
  10. Thanks for the advice to adjust the panels! I have a 65 and 68 Fastback, and will check these fold down seats vs the 72! Also waiting for the reference measurement from David or anybody who has access to a 71-73!
  11. Txs - this would be great! Yes, your fold down seat fits perfect!
  12. In my 72 Mach1 351c2V the fold down seat does not fit correctly to the inner plastic rear panels! When the rear seat is fold down, on one side it does not touch the panel and falls between! The width of the rear seat fold down (including moldings) is 41 inch! The rear panels are from a 73 ! The photo attached is from another post, but there the seat fits perfect! Can anybody measure the width of a 71-73 rear seat - so I’m sure to have not an earlier mustang fold down seat? Where do I find the Ford ID number on the fold down seat? What is the correct dimension between fold down molding and rear panel, in case the seat is fold down?
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