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  1. 71 "M" code factory tach car The tach does not work, car runs. Going thru an upgrade on engine ignition as discussed in a different thread. PerTronix igniter III with matching coil and relay. What are the options as to the tach? Rich
  2. This "pertronix relay" comes with something, or I need to source it seperate?
  3. So what is a good solution? The time to address this is before I pull my hair out. Stanglover, more specific on bypassing the resistor? Where is a good place to tie in the electric choke?
  4. I do have an "inoperative" factory tach. Suggestions?
  5. So, I was looking at the wiring diagram in preparations for installing an igniter III and I see circuit 16 that feeds the coil is a resistance wire off the ignition switch. How and where does this circuit get modified and be "hidden" from plain sight. Currently, I also have the electric choke tied into the same circuit.
  6. Took into consideration what Stanglover posted about the igniter three. I called petronix asked questions about all three versions along with warranty problems. Their answers and explanations were very good, did not seam scripted. I went ahead and ordered the igniter three, matching coil and a set of wires. Also again Stanglover made a good point about the full 12v. Running it off a relay would help.
  7. It was nasty, pulled it apart this morning, gave it a bath. Plan on posting a few photos. Also pertronix stuff, very little price difference between their three versions. Is there any downside as to what I choose? Looking at "igniter III" as it looks to replace the plate. Electronic Ignition Conversion | PerTronix 71281 Ignitor III Adaptive Dwell Control Multiple Spark with Digital Rev Limiter Ford 8 cyl (pertronixbrands.com)
  8. Was able to find one and picked it up last night.
  9. I would like to get the base, snorkel. please message me with pricing and how to pay, Rich
  10. I have the 71 mach1 M code. Had it for like 12 years. Next year is paint year, following will be final re-assembly or assembly as it was purchased in pieces. Have had many Mustangs in the past 40 years, '65 '66 '67 '68 '70 this one '74 '79 '88 '93 then a decade of cougars. Just closed a deal on a 2013 convertible in grabber blue. Don't think the '71 will ever get a new owner in my lifetime, there is excitement about the incoming 2013 305HP @30mpg out of a V6 backed by a 6 speed manual with all the current stuff already there and functional. new (used) house we purchased has 1600 sq feet of garage to fill.
  11. Had similar issue, mine was the distributor. AutoZone new. Somehow the dist stopped allowing coil to collapse therefore soaking plugs with fuel. I am on my third one in a few weeks. Currently on the hunt for an OE one.
  12. need a motorcraft/autolite distributor. I have a "parts store" one and the pertronix will not work in it, wrong size cam
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