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  1. The choke thermostat that goes into the intake manifold photo #11 third one over. Very interested. Contact me please
  2. It has been a while since I have posted here, car has not changed in the past 18 months or so, just sits in the corner of the garage under a cover hidden from sight. Last done was the removal of the windshield and rear glass. I am in need of replacing the hood with scoops, trunk lid and both sport mirrors. At this time ready to place an order for new replacements from "Mustang of Chicago" is there any known reason not to acquire these new repo? Thanks a ton. Hopefully be painting this spring.
  3. This was all working three phase when I purchased it a decade ago? I do not have three phase is why I purchased that vfd. It came with a manual, but have not gotten back to see if I could switch it there. I really have no intention to go with a different style pump and switch as others suggested. Probably be the weekend to get back at it, work gets in the way.
  4. A lever down low activates the switch, I do not know the answer to the second question.
  5. First photo is the microswitch, next is the contactor assembly, last is my two phase to three phase converter yet to be installed. Please help if you can. I understand the contactor to be like a relay, if thats true if I had info on where the microswitch ties into that, the rest I believe will work itself out.
  6. Trying to get my lift running, it is 3 phase, I have a three phase converter. My hold up is I have a square D contactor and need to utilize it with a micro switch. This worked well years ago when I purchased the lift. Since then, well I have no clue how to wire it up?
  7. Beautiful car, same color as my goal. I will not be doing the stripes or the hood black on mine, as it was not configured that way new. Aside from that, I found Sherwin Williams paint in their "Dimension" line that has the formula for this color in a basecoat, and is $348 a gallon. I will be going that route, I am still a touch concerned on the quantity. One Gallon will make six quarts "sprayable" color, should that be enough? Any input would be great.
  8. OK, I just had my front and rear glass removed over the weekend, next step is detailing the trunk, and prep for finish body work and paint. I will be doing this myself, pewter color code "V" 71 mach1. I started searching for paint, I plan on base coat along with the black on the bottom as factory, no two tone hood color. First feel out, looks like $500 to $600 a gallon for color. Are those numbers real? Next off, these cars are huge, in doing a base coat clear coat, how much color quantity will it take?
  9. I have interest in the steering wheel
  10. Great looking car, that is very similar to the goal look of mine. Same color, chrome (except I am not doing wheel lip chrome) also I went with hub caps and trim rings. Also Black interior. How is yours configured? Motor and trans?
  11. As it stands weather I set the gap at .016 or .021 I am still reading ~40 on the dwell meter. I am thinking a problem with the plate in the distributer. Back when I purchased the dist from a local parts store it was equipped with a "lifetime warranty". Last night I put it to a challenge, new distributer will arrive Saturday night.
  12. So far I have found the dwell to be at 48, books I have here want 30. I did one feeler guage adjustment to .021 and left the car not running, adjusted again, too much. try again in the morning.
  13. I am having issue with my (wife's) car. It is a 71 M code, original intake, 4v heads exhaust manifolds stock as it could be made reasonably. It is equipped with a 600cfm oem replacement holley carb, purchased new when I did the motor back in 2005/6. Car sat for more than 12 years lonely in back of the garage, until last year, put a gas tank in it, and got it on the road. I drove it just over 25 miles before a coolant leak developed from the head gasket. Pulled the heads off, sent them out for evaluation/rework. $1200 later back together just in time to burry it in the back corner of the garage
  14. I made the trip up to Madison Saturday morning, met up with tony-muscle, nice guy, picked up the radiator with no issues, installed it when I got home and providing no more April snows, my Mach is back on the road.
  15. I have interest in the radiator of all things. Any ideas of the price, and also the age? Here are some more pictures I took today Did it have any leaks or issues? If this works out I am in crystal lake, il would probably drive up
  16. I just got my 4v CC heads back from the machine shop. $1,100 included bronze guides, valve job and three valves. My heads were already setup with guide plates and adjustable rockers. After much research, I found this pricing consistent. There were a couple cheaper, but I believe they put me on the first step of a long pricing ladder that I feel would have climbed even higher. In short expect just over 1k to go thru your heads without modifications (adjustable rockers) etc... Best of luck
  17. I have interest in the radiator of all things. Any ideas of the price, and also the age?
  18. reassembling after head gasket leaks, renewed the paint on the intake, heads and valve covers. what decals or markings should be put on and where? also where to purchase them
  19. I am using DOAE heads that have been fitted with guide plates and studs. I am using also roller tip rockers and hydraulic cam. What would I tighten / torque the rocker arm nuts to?
  20. What engine is it? That car is just am my '71 will be some day if / when its done. Love it.
  21. I have my stock heads in for service, as after 12 years of the car sitting in storage, I sprung a head gasket leak. Took the heads in to have them checked out, ugh. Needs new guides, four valves being replaced and milled. Bottom line is it will be a few more weeks and it's a touch over $1,000
  22. I have a 71. The 3 port vacuum switch in theory routes different vacuum sources to the distributes based on engine temperature. I can not help with your year as it has much more vacuum demands like EGR for one. Years ago (like ten) I purchase a vacuum diagram book for my year from a mustang parts house. Unfortunately much different so not much help.
  23. What is the benefit? I have comp cams magnum rollers in my M code. Their web claims 15 to 30 up increase. How when the ratio remains at 1.72? 498 lift cam.
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