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  1. I have the 71 mach1 M code. Had it for like 12 years. Next year is paint year, following will be final re-assembly or assembly as it was purchased in pieces. Have had many Mustangs in the past 40 years, '65 '66 '67 '68 '70 this one '74 '79 '88 '93 then a decade of cougars. Just closed a deal on a 2013 convertible in grabber blue. Don't think the '71 will ever get a new owner in my lifetime, there is excitement about the incoming 2013 305HP @30mpg out of a V6 backed by a 6 speed manual with all the current stuff already there and functional. new (used) house we purchased has 1600 sq feet of garage to fill.
  2. Had similar issue, mine was the distributor. AutoZone new. Somehow the dist stopped allowing coil to collapse therefore soaking plugs with fuel. I am on my third one in a few weeks. Currently on the hunt for an OE one.
  3. need a motorcraft/autolite distributor. I have a "parts store" one and the pertronix will not work in it, wrong size cam
  4. Will do tomorrow night. What am I looking for on guage?
  5. So setting idle speed, 351c m code. Books show like 600rpm, cant seam to get there, lowest is like 800. Runs OK, but when you put it in drive, idle is way too slow. What is the correct procedure for setting idle speed?
  6. I did set it .017 car runs, just wanted to be more precise as my old ass eyes sometimes are not known for accuracy.
  7. can you measure dwell using current lab scopes or meters? Is the "duty cycle" reading on meters similar? Please help, car runs but already moved dwell meter to new house..
  8. Problem is with spark "weak spark" made some progress yesterday, but still not 100% cured.
  9. Having 4 of 5 is both plenty to make these run. Problem elsewhere.
  10. Funny, you are close and having starting issues here also.
  11. I went to a local machine shop, had them "create" one for me that allows standard Holley 4160 stuff bolt on with zero issues.
  12. So car ran fine, parked it two years ago. Car was idling in spot, and it quit. Figured out of gas, so just covered it up. Fast forward few years, put gas in it, fired up and quit like 20 seconds later. Then cranks, tries to fire and just won't. Put in new plugs, started, quit then no start. New plugs wet with fuel. Coil was/is new few years ago, very little run time. So whats next? Help.
  13. thanks a bunch, gives me sort of a baseline.
  14. All good, thanks. Just seemed odd just wanted to make sure I understood.
  15. Thanks, I think those are at the new house already. Any "installed" photos?
  16. Purchased car in many pieces in about 2007. this weekend was putting the interior together so when the car ships to our new house it is somewhat complete. Installing the rear seat, well see the photo. What goes there? between the seat back and quarter trim cover. '71 Mach1
  17. The now hood was $1,500. Still in the original packaging, gotta say looking back should have fixed my old hood as the new now hood sat for 41 years on a shelf. It had some damage on the corners, one dent on the one scoop, but the other problem was the metal binding straps on the cardboard actually started rusting on the edge and bottom of the $1,500 hood. The shop added on like additional 9+ hours to service the new hood. If I could have found a reproduction one anywhere that would have been a much better solution for me.
  18. Finally close to be brought home, they just need to finish the front bumper.
  19. If your current problem is only idle speed, look at the linkage for an idle speed adjustment screw. By the way I have the same intake, but changed card to a 650 Holly. Had to create an adapter plate and its been fine.
  20. I have one, some rust (fixable) on the underside by the latch. Located in northern Illinois. I did find a new now hood for mine. The new now hood needed a ton of repairs, found out after I received it. I could no longer find a repro hood anywhere.
  21. Was unaware the peel and seal stuff, good to know as the others seam a bit pricey.
  22. I will be doing the headliner fabric in mine in a few weeks. What I know so far for sure is it goes under the Windshield and rear glass, so the come out.
  23. MooseStang got one hell of a deal.
  24. I had already sent them out, sorry.
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