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  1. Thanks! Got any pics of your ride?
  2. I got them at Mustang's unlimited and CJ Pony Parts. Replaced the following bezels: over the glove box center guage main inst cluster also dash pad, console, pedal trim and pads, door panels (except for the original woodgrain pieces), carpet, steering wheel, original radio...hmm, what else? Oh, am now replacing headliner. Having that done though.
  3. Butch65, dropping the switch might be the better route...i've already replaced the switch handle, and replaced the guage lights with LEDs, along with a new circuit board and inst voltage regulator. Along with bezels and lenzes for all. UGH. Never dropped the light switch though - did you get the bezel tool?
  4. Thanks Butch65 - this is perfect...guess i'll need to pull the cluster. AGAIN! :D
  5. I'm looking to replace a burned out bulb on my headlight switch bezel but need some advice on where the bulb is actually located? I have a 71' Mach 1 and the other bezels illuminate fine. Thanks. David
  6. I have a 71' Mach 1 that needs the "Park" light bezel/lens assembly as well...any out there? David

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