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  1. Is it just me... Or was there a 74 torino station wagon behind the Caprice in the first picture? T2
  2. 72 Coupe, originally Grabber Blue, resprayed Grabber Blue
  3. Wish i could get her back, but no information on who bought it...oh and the lack of money is always a factor... :(
  4. At least it wasn't smashed up! :) the Auction site said Mechanical damage, maybe she blew another motor
  5. Got bored today, since the Gulf coast is under constant storms today, and googled the Vin Number of my first 72 Mustang...I owned her from 1986- 96. She was auctioned off in Jan last year... in Graham, WA... Originally a Sprint, she was pretty beat up when I got her, and on an E-4s wage (Military term for... no extra money after bills are paid ) improvements had to be saved up for, and rarely got the top end stuff, but the best you could afford. I changed the paint job... and put a new motor in her when it blew up on me in mil school ABQ...but she was fun to drive (the Mailbox on the Hood is not mine and I don't even think it is attached). If you look close, you can see it had a 73 fender on it! Here's a couple of pics...the first is from the auction site the second when I owned her
  6. Wow, I have a deal with 71ponymaster for a set. Really appreciate the quick responses though. Thanks again T2
  7. Looking for the metal bit on the forward edge of the rear quarter window that holds the rubber seal...don't know what it is called... for a 72 coupe passenger side... if anyone has a spare...in pretty good shape... shoot me a price Thanks T2
  8. Welcome from Florida! Whereabouts in Norfolk? I used to live in Caister-on-sea, still have a house and some relatives there!
  9. Well looking through the old parts box I discovered this part....and don't remember where it came from....the part number is written on the paper behind it...can anyone ID it? :huh: Thanks in advance....
  10. Well it has been a looong 3 years (almost) but Pokey has finally got re-registered and insured... :) Now time to check out the alignment and other moving parts... Thanks to everyone for the information and insights...directly and indirectly...what a wonderful conglomeration of expertise this site has!! T2
  11. Here are my two 'terrors' Talon is the Shepard, Chopper is the Chocolate Excellent mutts... T2
  12. I know this is my ignition timing pointer for my 302. I believe the pointer part is at the end (blue arrow), but does anyone know what the circular window/tube is for (Red arrow)? Originally it was a 1972 California car...maybe emission stuff? Grateful for any help T2
  13. My Grabber blue 72 Coupe was built on 7/5/72... Used a lot of Grabber blue in July..... T2
  14. You are correct in that the '71 Grande side stripe is different from those on the '72 and '73 Mustang in that the stripes only extended "from the leading edge of the front fender, along the body line, before tapering off just aft of the door." The '71 stripe was (is) a dual accent stripe that varied dependent upon the exterior of the car and Yes it was deleted from cars with the Protection Package. The '72 and '73 Grande side stripes were (are) "2-toned, beginning at the edge of the front fender and following upper body line to the rear of the quarter panel. The stripes were available in 3 different color combinations, depending upon the exterior paint: gold/green, gold/white, and black/orange." Source: "Mustang Recognition Guide 1965 - 1974", Pages 200, 207, and 217. BT Obviously I don't have a 71 Grande, but is this the stripe you guys are talking about? with a matching one on the hood? T2
  15. Welcome from Navarre, Florida T2 ::welcome::
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