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    1973 Mach1, Q code, 4 speed, with an open 3:25 differential. It has what is left of the original Gold Glow paint and a very sun baked ginger interior. I purchased it in Winslow Arizona in May 2018. It has a 75 DSO and I believe it spent its entire time in AZ. It appears to have been parked in 1978 until earlier this year when the guy I bought it from purchased it.


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  1. I’m trying to get my project ‘73 Mach 1 Q code back on the road. I’m down to needing small items. A couple things I need are front seat belts, just the receiver/female belts. Also a good set of motor mounts. If you have any of those items it would be great. Thanks
  2. Do you have any ‘73 front seat belts?
  3. Does it have the front set belts still in it? I need the receiver/female belts.
  4. If the drivers side door switch is a three prong ford part I’d be interested in it, also the driver side mirror.
  5. Welcome from central Illinois. I really like your car! I pulled engine by itself first and then dropped trans out from underneath but part of that was due to mine being a 4 speed and I couldn't get the shifter handle to come out! I look forward to seeing your photos along the way.
  6. I did not try to add texture back to them, so they are pretty smooth. I think they look alright without the texture. Being that I’d have to put texture back over the entire piece the risk of messing them up isn’t worth it to me. If it was a small section I would try to add it back.
  7. Thanks. As far as glass removal, I took the side quarter windows and back glass out but I kept the windshield in the car. I was a little worried the windshield being in would be a problem but it really wasn’t. It would probably be a little easier but certainly not worth the trouble of taking windshield out just to do a headliner.
  8. I think I used NPD’s roof insulation. Here is a picture before I started with headliner. The headliner is TMI, I really like their products. This was way outside my comfort zone but the person who I wanted to do it kept putting me off.
  9. Installed my very first headliner. I think it turned out pretty good. Now need to trim and reinstall sun visors, dome light, and trim.
  10. Ours were heavily sun damaged. We watched some YouTube videos. Scraped off the loose chalky layer then used steel wool. We lost most of the texture but at least the color is back.
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