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  1. My car originally had the small console but it was missing when I bought the car.  I’m trying to get all the pieces to put one back in but not sure what all I need and how it assembles.  I have the rubber boot that bolts to the trans tunnel, the console ashtray, and the black filler piece.  Is there more to this as I don’t see how to attach the filler panel to the console?




  2. Welcome from central Illinois.  I also have `73 Mach 1 Q code that was similar to yours when original, gold glow with 3/4 black vinyl roof.  I wish mine had the white interior and some of the other options on yours.  Very nice car!  I like the color and the Cragars!

  3. Welcome from central Illinois.  I really like your car!  I pulled engine by itself first and then dropped trans out from underneath but part of that was due to mine being a 4 speed and I couldn't get the shifter handle to come out!  I look forward to seeing your photos along the way.

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  4. Thanks.  As far as glass removal, I took the side quarter windows and back glass out but I kept the windshield in the car.  I was a little worried the windshield being in would be a problem but it really wasn’t. It would probably be a little easier but certainly not worth the trouble of taking windshield out just to do a headliner.

  5. Always hard to tell from a screen... would love to see under the car pics... The console ash tray cover looks worn. Battery cables changed out, host of other little tell tale signs in the engine bay. Definitely original paint. At least on the trunk lid... Hood blackout looks near perfect. That question of what air cleaner lid comes into play as it is not a chrome lid... Beautiful car none the less and unless they can verify the mileage, priced too high IMO.


    From what I remember, the 73 Q codes did not come with the chrome air cleaner lid.  Car looks nice for sure.

    Stripes were available and correctly explained how in a few earlier posts.




    I would have to politely disagree with that thought... I believe early ‘73’s came with the chrome lid. My early November ‘72 built Q Code Coupe has the chrome lid and its original Ford label still affixed to it. I have had other Q Codes with chrome lids.

    My February built Q code has its original painted lid.532037-F8-6753-43-E2-952-D-CE2-F76720-E1-A.jpg

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