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  1. I'm curious to what dates the rest of your windows are. My windshield and back glass are original to the car for sure, they are dated January `73 and December `72 respectively. Not that it really matters but my curiosity is piqued as to when the Carlite logo design changed. I have a August `72 door glass and it has the "Carlite" with the oval around it and my December `72 back glass is the latter design. I'd like to see glass from cars built in that August to December window.
  2. I’m interested, tell me more. I’d like the dates to predate my cars build date of February 2/73. What’s the dates on yours? Found what I think is one of the door windows, date on that one is 3A, so January '73. I'll find the rest of the glass this weekend. Thanks, very interested to see what the rest of them are dated. My windshield is January `73, so far so good!
  3. Thanks for the pictures. I agree with what’s been said. The clear glass etching would have nothing where the sun-x script is and it would be M60. It’s been difficult to find examples of clear with the later Carlite design. Seems like everyone but me has an air conditioned car with the sun-x tinted windows. Here is an example from a ‘76. I believe mine should look like this except for the date code of course.
  4. I’m interested, tell me more. I’d like the dates to predate my cars build date of February 2/73. What’s the dates on yours?
  5. I’m trying to buy new door and quarter windows. I want to have the correct “Carlite” info and date put on the windows. I believe the logo changed sometime in late 1972. My car is non-air conditioned and came with clear side glass. Also I have none of the original side windows to reference. So I’m asking for pictures of the etching from peoples 1973 Mustangs/Cougars with clear non-tinted door and quarter window glass. Please help!
  6. I'm interested also if Racer doesn't purchase. Private message me or my email is Lchrishays@hotmail.com
  7. I don't know what the D3 or D8 means. Looks like a nicely equipped car, many good options!
  8. Very nice Mach 1. Also happy to see one that hasn't had the side stripes and spoilers added on, looks great!
  9. You need all the seat belts? Yes I would like them all if possible.
  10. Sorry to keep you waiting. I will pass on the valve covers, with shipping they would be very close to new price. Thanks anyway!
  11. Where are you located? How much would shipping be to 62521?
  12. I'd be interested in the seat belts and the console if in good condition.
  13. Thanks! It was the vertical spring (#2) that I was having trouble finding but I figured I’d check myself by asking about both. I appreciate the help, I just wasn’t finding it. Thanks
  14. ChrisH


    Welcome from central Illinois! Hope you keep it green!
  15. Welcome from central Illinois! I understand wanting to fix something up and not being overly concerned with resale value. I have never made money on a car, I always end up with more in them than they are worth. Good luck!
  16. My car is missing these two spring. I need help locating where to purchase them both, with part numbers. Thanks
  17. Welcome from central Illinois. Very nice cars! I like white Corvette’s also, here is my ‘68 (zz502 w/TKO600). I also have a very understanding wife, who won’t drive the vette but is looking forward to driving the Mach1 when I get it road worthy.
  18. I'm interested in the following items: Mini console ( don't need ashtray but if it goes as a set ok) Trunk lock cylinder and key Left and Right door lock cylinders Left and Right front seat belts The pair of '73 tail light lenses if good condition How much for these items shipped to 62521? Thanks
  19. I appreciate everyone’s input. I was already planning to build another engine and set the original aside. I am going to put the oil pan on and make it so it can at least move under its own power until that happens. I just won’t drive it this fall like I had wanted. Thanks again
  20. After removing the very dented oil pan I shined light and looked over the bottom end of the engine and was pretty happy with how things looked until I looked up at a few of the visible camshaft lobes. Looks like pieces are breaking off at least one lobe and another looks porous. I don’t feel the engine needs to come completely apart or rebuilt but a cam change is a must. Im interested in people’s opin
  21. I have not looked for the build sheet but ther are not too many place inside the car that are not exposed so I don’t have much hope of finding one. Where are some of the places that they can be found?
  22. Thanks. I think it’s very cool that the original invoices are still obtainable. I really like having some of the cars history, I’d like to have even more. I haven’t begun to look for mats yet. I don’t have the originals, there wasn’t even any carpet left in it. I’ll add them to a very long list of stuff to be on the lookout for, at least now I’ll have the part numbers and how they are supposed to look. I do find it odd that it specifies that your only getting front mats, they couldn’t even give the buyer a complete set. Thanks again!
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