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  1. Picture of original invoice and reproduction of window sticker.
  2. Welcome from Illinois! Very nice! I have a 73 Q code 4 speed Mach also. Mine is pretty rough but is quite original. Looking forward to more pictures of yours.
  3. Welcome from Illinois. I really like the color.
  4. Just received report so here it is.
  5. Thanks Secluff with the buck tag question. My car did have a 3/4 black vinyl roof.
  6. I really expected this to be a cut and dry thing. I had no idea there would be so much debate. It has been very interesting. It’s funny I feel like I should apologize or something. I hope there is a buck tag code that can be identified. Here is a pic of my tag of course it only mentions dual exhaust. Without going off on a buck tag decoding debate. Is there a quick non-debatable easy answer to the “black” code on my tag, what is it referring to? Thanks and sorry
  7. Sales brochure for 1973 Mach has cutouts. My buck tag has an February 5th date. That being said I think my non-cutout valance is correct and it should have a turn down tips. I do appreciate the discussion but I am satisfied going forward with a new turn down exhaust.
  8. Interesting and confusing. For 73 part of diagram and info chart the February 13 date is significant. What did it change to after that date? Also the body type, axle ratio and 4 speed changed what you got. Mine is a Mach 1, Q code, 4 speed with a 3.25 axle and was built sometime in February. Would the 3.25 and 4 speed have changed what valance? Very confusing. The car has never been repainted and patina on the non-cutout valance seems to match the rest of the car. I’m waiting on the Marti to arrive any day. That should tell the day the car was built. But even with that info it will still be confusing.
  9. I certainly don’t want to cause any arguments! I appreciate all the comments. I think I have enough info and am convinced mine came without cutouts. Which is ok with me. I’m wanting to order a new exhaust and want to put this car back to the way it most likely left the factory.
  10. All my gauges are in need of restoration. I would like to find a company or someone that can do this for me. Also the radio needs some work too. Any suggestions?
  11. I would like to know if all '73 Mach 1's came with exhaust cutouts in the rear valance or if that was an option. Mine does not have the cutouts and I was trying to figure out if it was changed when the previous owner put the side pipes on it or it never had them.
  12. Welcome from Illinois. I bought a 1973 Q code a couple months age. I'm waiting on a Marti report and invoice, can't wait to get it.
  13. I sent a pm about price for parts available with shipping to 62521.
  14. I’m interested in: Hood latch support bracket that goes from top of core support down to the valance Fender and hood extensions Passenger side sport mirror Center horn part of steering wheel Turn signal switch and wiring Cernter gauge cluster ( oil,alt,temp) Door and trunk lock cylinders 62521 zip
  15. Do you still have the hood latch support bracket. Goes from top of core support down to front valance? Also drivers side headlight bezel, fender and hood extensions, passenger side sport mirror? The center gauges, did they sell ? Turn signal switch, Eight track radio? Passengers side dash seat belt light? Rear marker lights? Door and trunk lock cylinders?
  16. Very nice! Welcome from central Illinois
  17. Hello from central Illinois. Is the green on the inside of the drivers door the original color? My older brother had a 71 coupe that green, it looked really good. I like the white interior, I wish mine had it. I just joined a few days ago. Welcome!
  18. Hello from central Illinois! Very nice Mustang!
  19. Somehow I duplicated the othe post sorry I don’t know how to delete it. Here is the 69
  20. Wow, thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Hello from central Illinois. I’ll try and go through your questions and then post some pictures. As far the patina it spent it spent its entire life in sunny Arizona and must not have been garaged much or at all. Before this year the last time it was registered was 1978. The guy I bought it from is a police officer in Winslow and he found the car on the nearby Navajo reservation. I’m not sure long term but right now I want to address a few mechanical issues. One being a severely dented oil pan(which is what led me to this forum). Lose the 70’s sidepipes for a new exhaust. Then a complete interior. Then I plan to drive it just as it looks for awhile before I think about bodywork and painting. As several of you have it is good see it with all its flaws with nothing hiding. Thanks again! Now some more pictures
  21. I am a new member and very happy to find this group. I purchased a 1973 Mach1 last month. It is a Q code, 4 speed, with an open 3:25 differential. It runs and drives very nice. With the exception of the side pipes it is unmolested and complete. I have always been a huge Mustang fan ever since I was a child. I like all the early years and some later. My first ride in a Mustang was in my oldest brothers 1971 coupe with a 351 Cleveland and it left a lasting impression. He purchased a 1969 Fastback after the ‘71. I bought the ‘69 from him in the summer of 1985 when I was 15 getting ready to turn 16 in the fall. I still own the ‘69 after all these years but I have always wanted a 71-73. My wife also really likes the 71-73( always helps to have her onboard). I am excited to finally own one of these cars. I have a lot of work ahead of me with this car and will need lots of help and information. Thanks Chris
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