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  1. 71 Fastbacks don't have the best visibility in the world. I modified my dash to accept a double din radio with DVD and back up camera.
  2. Thanks! I used a Dynacorn 68 tail light panel and welded it in place. I used the Dynacorn tail light housings and sequential tail lights. I had to trim the panel a lot to make it fit. i kept the stock trunk rail across the top and welded the new panel in and then filled in with bondo glass.
  3. Guys I am done! I used a 68 tail light panel. https://youtu.be/4VUuseRoPvs.
  4. First step to a Euro Shelby clone: gotta have Shelby tail lights.
  5. Yep. If anyone has the two rear pieces and the driver's side front piece, I am in the market. From what I have found online, I can buy the entire set for $392.00 but I only need those three pieces. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone. I bought this 71 Mach 1 last year. It had 113K original miles. I have restored the interior, replaced the cowl and floor pans, new windshield, touched up the engine bay installed a double din stereo with a backup camera, and now I am about to repaint it. I live in Texas and this is my hobby now!
  7. I have a 71 Mach 1 with the Deluxe Exterior molding. I need the front piece on the driver side and both rear pieces (behind the wheel wheels). Anyone have these? Thanks
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