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  1. Make sure you pay attention to the fuel gauge and temp gauge when you see the oil pressure fluctuate. If the other gauges move in time, could be a constant voltage regulator issue
  2. I would encourage everyone in this forum to find a kid you know or are related to and take them for a ride. That is one sure fire way to keep them interested. You can't recreate the experience with any video game or modern car. I'll bet everyone on this forum has a story when they were a kid that caused them to appreciate these cars. Pass on the legacy. I made the mistake of trying to get my oldest son interested by going to work in the garage with me. I'm realizing with my youngest daughter it is the cruising in the car and car shows that are sparking interest...
  3. I haven't seen it yet in post. The biggest thing that helps with atomization is the ported exhaust that is crossed over the bottom of the intake manifold. That quickly heats up the bottom of the manifold to allow for quicker atomization. By the way, it also kills performance when hot because it heats up the incoming air, counteracting all the cool air brought in by our ram air systems. The choke is the main thing to keep cold cars running by forcing a richer mixture that counteracts all the liquid fuel from a stone cold engine
  4. Chuck, is correct. Top dead center becomes not top dead center when you apply air. Use a breaker bar to stay at tdc. Normal results would be 10-12% leakage on a stock engine. The other thing you could do is regulate the air pressure down to 100 psi or less to prevent the engine from going back to become where the valves open. The only way your getting that big of leakage out the dipstick is if you have holes in Pistons. Do you have normal compression results?
  5. I appreciate this too. Found your post and just did the diaphragm swap yesterday. Found a cx-361 from rock auto for $6.00
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