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  1. HEY MAN!!!! Awesome video!!! you're doing a great job!
  2. It's made out of ABS you can glue it back with black ABS cement. Reinforce the back with small pieces of something like a paper clip forming a stitch pattern sinking them into the ABS using a soldering pencil then covering with the cement. once dry sand the front side with 600 wet/dry sandpaper and paint with SEM interior charcoal paint for plastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aE-f6ryCWU
  3. Please forgive my crude drawings on the following pics, but I marked the issues I noticed in your pics. You might be able to straighten the B pillar and save it. I would try that first. It will only cost you time. Good luck! I have been following your build you are doing amazing work and I have learn so much from you!! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Hey Trevynd when you get the new box can you snap a few pics of the internal side of the box? Can you also give us your opinion on the quality of the box? I'm debating also on repairing mine or just getting a new one like you. Thanks!!
  5. OUTSTANDING!!!!!! you picked an AWESOME color!!! Looking forward to the next video and if you can and have time maybe a few detailed pics would be very cool. Thank you for taking the time to share.
  6. Bienvenido cuando pueda, y tenga tiempo para tomar algunas fotos de su Mustang y publicarlas, ¡nos encantan las fotos! ¿Vas a intentar localizar el Mustang de tus sueños a nivel local? ¿O vas a intentar localizarlo en el extranjero en los Estados Unidos?
  7. Hey I'm glad it worked out for you!!! Merry Christmas!!
  8. Found this https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-1971-1972-1973-FORD-MUSTANG-TILT-STEERING-COLUMN-ACCESS-HOLE-COVER/284108123919
  9. Brrrrr I's so cold in here it started snowing!
  10. In the pic you posted, what is the red object I circled?
  11. Hi Alex your PM box is full. I sent you an email. Mario
  12. Welcome from Immokalee Florida!!! Nice car!
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