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  1. That looks really good! You did a great job!!
  2. Thanks for the info on the bushings sounds like a future upgrade
  3. And use some preparation H for the itching
  4. Hi Geoff, you are not being critical my friend I take any comments from anyone here as an opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge when it comes to these cars so your comments are always welcomed. I intend to use the original style long finger clutch, my driving with my car will be mostly for cruising and enjoyment driving around town and on the very rare occasion, there is a long 3 mile stretch of road near where I live that doesn't have a lot of traffic so there I would probably light the tires. So the original style clutch is fine for my purpose. Rio
  5. I used the Mustang Steve kit. If you can weld or get someone who can it's pretty easy.
  6. Awesome car!! Great work saving her and bringing her back on the road!
  7. Right here just hangin' out an' shootin' the breeze. How about you? Watcha been doin'?
  8. Reach out to David, he says there is a guy in N. Carolina that has a bunch of mustangs and he parts out some of them. So when you get his contact info, get a hold of him he may have a set for sale. I believe David said the guy’s name is Scotty Strickland.
  9. Although not a true restoration, checkout how these turned out. I am going to get this done on mine at some point. http://www.justdashes.com/2013/05/1973-ford-mustang-mach-1-panels-restoration/
  10. Aston martin DB5 with the Secret Agent Accessory Package.
  11. Congrats!! Dude post detail pics when you can and you made reference to the sound, Please if you can post a short vid with it running so we can hear it! Car looks Great!!!
  12. Beautiful car Sir! Any chance you can post more pics of her?
  13. Pat yourself on the back that looks GREAT!!!
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