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  1. I found this using the advanced search forum.I hope the link works. Goodnigh, it has your posting to the link for the capacitor bank schematic you mentioned. To bad your buddy has no interest in making these for those us who are willing to pay him for it.
  2. found another one posted by David 06-28-2019, 11:02 AM I am pretty sure I posted the template for cutting the holes. I have a couple NOS sets of door speakers. Have 4 cars with them also. Here are the scans of the install instructions. The 71 grills are different they only have one vertical bar the 72 & 73 are like in the previous pic posted with 3 bars up and down. You could blow a new set of speakers the first time you turned it up they were not so good. Attached Files IMG.pdf (Size: 577.96 KB / Downloads: 21) IMG_0001.pdf (Size: 579.45 KB / Downloads: 14) IMG_0002.pdf (Size: 259.41 KB / Downloads: 14) IMG_0003.pdf (Size: 311.43 KB / Downloads: 13)
  3. Found one of David's posts 04-28-2016, 05:07 PM (This post was last modified: 04-28-2016, 05:15 PM by Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs.) Ok made it out to the shop again with the key this time, 85 deg. here today. I took a couple pictures of a car with door speakers with the front fender off. Removing the front fender is much better solution than removing the door. I will also allow you clean all the leaves and stuff that gets inside there. You have to take a half dozen bolts out from grill, the ones under the hood the ones on the bottom of the fender, the fender brace and the one that goes in from the door. Not a bad job once you do it. I put dimensions on the .xps attached. Let me know if you need more info I will try to help. The .xps file does not show up but put in twice. Let me know if it does not work. Ok when I looked at the post the .xps does not show up. You can see in the picture I took measurement from the lower hinge on the door to the bottom of the hole and added 1/2 the hole. So from the top of the hinge to the center of the hole in the door is 3 5/16" (3.312"). For the A post hole from the top of the bottom hinge mounted to A post to the center of the hole is 3 1/16" (3.062). From the rear of the A post to the center of the hole is 1 11/16" (1.687"). There should be a dimple in both positions that is what the factory used when they cut the holes. David Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
  4. He seems to have had one and is driving it like he stole it in his picture although he needs to upgrade to a 71-73 body style.
  5. That is a Beautiful car!!! I followed your build, your workmanship is OUTSTANDING SIR!!!!!!
  6. Welcome from Immokalee Fl.
  7. Thank you for the update please take pics and post them up when it comes in and let us know the details when you install it.
  8. Hey Bushwacker I had the same problem, I too had saved a bunch of threads in my notes on my profile page to help me with my build so I asked if it would be possible to return that feature to the new site. I was told it was a possibility but so far no luck yet. Rocketfoot did post this link I clicked on the link and the old site pops up and I have access to my saved bookmarks so you should be able to do the same. I had saved them to my notes in my profile page. Good Luck!
  9. The 1964,65,66 Ford Thunderbird rag joint/ steering coupler is the same one that will fit your 1973 Mustang tilt steering column shaft and the power steering shaft. I know cause I have used it on my 1972 tilt column. There is a couple for sale now on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-65-66-Ford-Thunderbird-Steering-Coupler-Rag-Joint/114145788022?hash=item1a939e8076:g:r4AAAOSwgoNeaDsZ https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-65-66-Ford-Thunderbird-Steering-Column-Rag-Joint/114152294467?hash=item1a9401c843:g:oQkAAOSwVrZecSUg But if you are going to rebuild yours then David's advise is the way to go he has rebuilt his using the parts he described.
  10. rio1856

    Ram Air Intake

    +1 on buying from Don at Ohio Mustang. Don will take care of you and your car needs as if you were his only customer. Excellent top shelf service all the way!!
  11. Very cool !!!! The hood blackout looks OUTSTANDING!! you guys are doing great, please keep the pics coming!!
  12. I believe they are part 2A787 and part 2A176 respectfully.
  13. Welcome from Immokalee Fl.!! Cool car show us more pics when you can.

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