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  1. Man she sure looks hot!!! Please don't forget to post up pics of the engine progress.
  2. Also drive your 73 onto the pasture and remove the lower radiator hose and you can "water the pasture". "The plot thickens....." Seriously though, Midlife is the guy to talk to he's our resident wiring wizard. Good luck with your project!!
  3. Saw this on E-Pay. Apparently this guy has somehow reproduced the shifter boot for the 71 Hurst shifter in our Mustangs. Maybe you might want to reach out to him. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255135178467?nma=true&si=tnARuX8FHqsE8EaivXM2aX0tREk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc
  4. Mike, if you look at the Marti report it says the car was originally white exterior. Just a heads up my friend.
  5. Tim I copied and uploaded the pdf file for the dimensions of the splash shield from the 429Mustangcougar megasite. Hope the drawing answers your question. Rio altSplashShieldtemplate.pdf
  6. Mike according to the 429 Mustang Cougar Megasite your 429 should have the alternator splash shield mounted on the right frame rail attached around the front sway bar mount. Please see the attached pics from the site that I copied. Rio
  7. Hey man welcome aboard! It's great that you have the car and are willing and able to make it what you want. To answer your question, Don is the owner of "Ohio Mustang Supply" and if you need any new or used parts reach out to him he is a tremendous resource when it comes to restoring and repairing these cars, and he is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge about these cars. Mike is the owner of "Motorcity Mustangs" again another top guy when it comes to used parts and a terrific guy to deal with. Randy, owns "Midlife Harness Restoration" and he is a "Steely eyed electrical wizard man" when it comes to anything about your wiring or electrical issues he's the guy, none better although he always says he "Wants to check your shorts" All these guys are vendors and are top sponsors on the forum and they support all of us 100% so you can't go wrong reaching out to them. Have fun with your build! Also please post pics as you progress, we love pics on this site. Rio
  8. Hey Tim when you add the chrome trim to the edge of the vinyl on top of the roof, would you mine posting a couple of pics on how you do it. I will be doing the same thing you did and adding the SMS vinyl roof material to my sled so you would be a big help to me. Thanks! Rio
  9. .....and the guy said, "Half the work is already done for ya. All you gotta do is just sand it down. Made it real easy for ya dude."
  10. VERY COOL!!! Excellent pics!!
  11. Brother pat yourself on the back!! You did a great job! Your sled looks GREAT!!! I love the videos dude. You're just a regular guy working on his ride trying to make it as nice as you can. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.
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