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  1. I uploaded a pic of the safety wire you're referring too. I hope it comes up and you can see it Fabrice. In my opinion I think it looks neat and professionally done. 164134485.webp
  2. If you gently apply pressure to to gas pedal as the car rolls forward the ash tray cover won't slide open. So, obviously, the issue you are inquiring about involve two things. The first mechanical issue is the forces of gravity exerted on the lid and the second mechanical issue your ash tray lid suffers from is called the "Hauling Ass Syndrome", which activates the aforementioned first issue causing it to slide violently open and is a very common problem most of the ash tray covers in our cars, suffer from.
  3. WOW!!! Sir you are a very tough MAN!! Praying for you that you heal quickly and make a full and complete recovery.
  4. My wife named my mustang "The Mistress" due to the amount of my time and money I invest in it. I just call my Q code "The Sled".
  5. Check with either Don at OMS or Mike at Motorcity Mustang. Both are vendors here and both are OUTSTANDING!!! in supplying parts to help all of us, with our restorations and repairs.
  6. Hey man that's a very vert!! Welcome aboard from another Mustang owner in south Florida.
  7. I measured the gap on my Q code and it measures 0.35 in.
  8. I'm with Tony, I jumped back in the ring and joined him for round two.
  9. I'm retired from a local government agency that had me going around the county picking up the local dirtbags of trash and placing those dirtbags of trash in cages. I now have a job where I actually get a little play money for the restoration of my sled selling thunder sticks and teaching the locals how to use them without hurting themselves.
  10. Great looking ride!! What size BF Goodrich are those? and What size are Magnum 500's and the rear wheel off set?
  11. Bought a pair of used Koni shocks a while back on Craigslist. They are the 82-1742 SP4's type. I finally sent them out for a rebuild to this place, https://performanceshock.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1155 They came in today here is a pic. Rio.
  12. Hey Q Great to see you back man!! You, your advice, experience and knowledge have been greatly missed. I'm looking forward to your progress on the Mach and the lessons and tips you're going to share with us. Again, welcome back!!
  13. OUTSTANDING!!!! Great Job!!! excellent pics!!
  14. Don't forget when you move in and are settled in your new place make sure you sit outside and yell at people walking by. I remember you said you are a Professional "Get off my god-damn lawn you twits" porch sitter/holler-er.
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