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  1. All sorts of items that flow into the US are sitting on container ships off shore and are being delayed due to the current administration's handling of the various issues that occur in running this country. We are starting to see the lack of items in stores and feeling the rising prices in our pockets. So all we can do for now is "Embrace the Suck".
  2. Looks Great!! I see you're not rushing it and are being very methodical in your attention to detail. Great job!!! By the way, what stencil did you use?
  3. What Ford used is called a "pierce nut". Here is a video on how they are mounted when mass producing a part. You can try installing a "caged nut" if you don't care about originality.
  4. You might want to show this guy these links and lets him see how common and available the 3.25 gears are. Then see what B.S he spews out. After he's finished his explanation. Just chuckle as you walk away and and tell him you'll find someone else who is a bit more honest. Kilgon is right, this guy wants to unload his used gear on you. https://www.richmondgear.com/auto-parts-product/2365-325-ratio-ring-and-pinion-for-9-inch-dropout-bolt-69-0284-1/?crt_viaSearch=path%3Apart%3Aring-and-pinion%3Bdifferentialcasedesign%3Aford+9 https://www.motivegear.com/auto-parts-product/719-325-ratio-ring-and-pinion-for-9-inch-dropout-bolt-f890325/?crt_viaSearch=path%3Apart%3Aring-and-pinion%3Bdifferentialcasedesign%3Aford+9 https://www.usgear.com/products/ring-and-pinion/ford-9-3-25 https://www.quickperformance.com/Ford-9-Ring-Pinion-Gear-Set-Strange-US-Gear-325-Ratio_p_20417.html https://www.usastandardgear.com/shop/zg-f9-325
  5. The "Winner" of that vert needs to join this site and start reaching out to Don, Mike, Bob and Randy and start fixing all the crap that's F@*ked up with that sled.
  6. Get yourself a nice 71 Boss 351 since now you have all that cash burning a hole in your pocket.
  7. TMeyer is getting close to producing a new cast iron Cleveland block.
  8. From the Just Dashes website, these are pics they posted. They did the vacuumed formed vinyl over the 73 Mustang fastback panels. IMO they look good in the pics. I have no idea what they charge for this but I'm sure it probably ain't cheap.
  9. Ron, Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, if not and you settle for something that just wasn't right, it will always gnaw on you.
  10. Dug this out of the archives, blew the layers of dust off and went over everything you posted. I will be doing this upgrade very soon. Thanks for posting this tutorial and the many pics, it's a big help!
  11. Dude! don't beat yourself up! Remember we all are a bunch of "Dudes" who love wrenching on these sleds. $h*t happens and I personally am very glad you started this thread and shared. We followed and were right there with you. Some of us were trying to learn others with more experience were trying to help. We live and learn and sometimes we laugh at the silly simple things but it's all good bro. I wish I could have been there to see your face when you discovered the cause. I think we would have both laughed at your expense and then brother, I would have bought you a few beers and kicked back. We are all friends here man.
  12. Hey Brett was the PW able to sand out the nibs in the clear coat? From the pics you're posting, your car looks AMAZING!!!! dude!
  13. Hello from southwest Florida! Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place. Everyone here is very passionate about these sleds. Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have about anything you're going to tackle in your restoration. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge here from people who have probably already dealt with and repaired the same thing you might be doing. Also everyone here is very visual so post up plenty of pics, we love pics!! Just wanted to also let you know the vendors that advertise and support this site are the best in the business when it comes to helping you out, they will bend over backwards to try and assist you. Names like Don at OMS. Mike at MotorCity Mustang. Bob at Rocketman's Classic Cougar Innovations and that "Steely Eye Wiring Wizard" Randy, from Midlife Harness Restorations he always wants to "Check your shorts" So welcome!!
  14. Great picture of your Dad with the Vulcan!! I remember the first time as a kid seeing that aircraft in the James Bond movie "Thunderball"
  15. Check with them first. The regular guy they have on staff that works on the tilt columns is an older guy who apparently caught the "ChiCom 19" virus and was not doing to good. They were recommending another guy out from another state who they say does a good job on these. So my advice is to call first and see what they say.
  16. Hey man nice score on that stash of spare parts!
  17. Here is another source that's available. https://calponycars.com/collections/1964-1973-mustang/products/1971-1973-mustang-rear-wing-pedestal-kit
  18. Hey I'm glad you had the time to make the pancakes. You got to eat and maintain your strength and focus, if not, while you're welding a patch on your ride, you might feel a little light headed from low blood sugar and keel over over and go !BOOM! when you hit the floor. Great job by the way. Keep the pics coming.
  19. Brother you out did yourself!! You got skills man! That bumper came out Awesome! Great job!!!!
  20. Welcome from Florida, the "Gun Shine State"
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