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  1. My wife named my mustang "The Mistress" due to the amount of my time and money I invest in it. I just call my Q code "The Sled".
  2. Check with either Don at OMS or Mike at Motorcity Mustang. Both are vendors here and both are OUTSTANDING!!! in supplying parts to help all of us, with our restorations and repairs.
  3. Hey man that's a very vert!! Welcome aboard from another Mustang owner in south Florida.
  4. I measured the gap on my Q code and it measures 0.35 in.
  5. I'm with Tony, I jumped back in the ring and joined him for round two.
  6. I'm retired from a local government agency that had me going around the county picking up the local dirtbags of trash and placing those dirtbags of trash in cages. I now have a job where I actually get a little play money for the restoration of my sled selling thunder sticks and teaching the locals how to use them without hurting themselves.
  7. Great looking ride!! What size BF Goodrich are those? and What size are Magnum 500's and the rear wheel off set?
  8. Bought a pair of used Koni shocks a while back on Craigslist. They are the 82-1742 SP4's type. I finally sent them out for a rebuild to this place, https://performanceshock.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1155 They came in today here is a pic. Rio.
  9. Hey Q Great to see you back man!! You, your advice, experience and knowledge have been greatly missed. I'm looking forward to your progress on the Mach and the lessons and tips you're going to share with us. Again, welcome back!!
  10. OUTSTANDING!!!! Great Job!!! excellent pics!!
  11. Don't forget when you move in and are settled in your new place make sure you sit outside and yell at people walking by. I remember you said you are a Professional "Get off my god-damn lawn you twits" porch sitter/holler-er.
  12. Very cool car. Genuine Soviet built iron during the height of the Cold War. Amazing how it found its way here into the Sates!
  13. Just an update. Even though I have now been retired since 2018, I did get a part time job after doing nothing for a year. I walked into the Alamo Gun Range in Naples Florida to do some shooting and was impressed with their professionalism. I asked to speak with the manager and requested that if he ever had an opening to please consider me as a possible hire. Two weeks later he did hire me! I sell guns in the show room, two days a week for a couple of hours and a couple of days in the week, I also teach Basic firearm safety, handling and shooting and concealed carry classes. It keeps me busy doing something I enjoy and puts a few dimes in my pocket to feed my Q code restoration. Life is good!
  14. "Golf courses are a waste of a perfectly good rifle range". I was two years old in 1959 when my parents fled the land I was born at. I grew up in Miami. I have great memories as a kid living in Miami during the 60's. When I turned 16 I was working part time and still going to high school when I bought with my own money a 1971 Mach 1 for a $1000.00. I loved driving that car. I later served my community fighting violent crime as a Miami-Dade Police Officer for 27 years. I retired in 2018 and bought my current 72 Q code. I moved after retirement to Immokalee to a quiet peaceful community, I plan to live out my life in peace. I have never returned to the land I was born at, I have no desire or interest to return even though now travel is allowed there. My roots are here in this great country we live in.
  15. The car is a 1967 Volga 21 Deluxe. It's Russian.
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