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  1. Found this on YouTube, hope you don't mind me posting this "Trevynd" it's just for information sharing purposes.
  2. Hey man, you guys did a great job! Congratulations to you and your wife and the pending arrival of your Son!!
  3. I am very sorry and saddened to hear this. You and your family have my deepest condolences. My wife and I will keep you and your family in our prayers.
  4. Found this. It is for info only. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-73-YOUR-FORD-4300D-MOTORCRAFT-CARBURETOR-RESTORED-D1ZF-ZA-D2ZF-AA-D3ZF-LA-/254382572076?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=705-53470-19255-0&campid=5336728181&customid=&toolid=10001 https://www.carburetorcenter.com/product-page/1971-1979-ford-autolite-cobrajet-4300d-carburetor-remanufactured
  5. Dennis that looks awesome dude!! It looks very clean and tight! Any pics of how the ends finish over the axle?
  6. David is that you sitting on the front porch with your lady friend? And is your 73 parked out back?
  7. Brett, That is Perfection! my friend He did an outstanding job!!
  8. Over the other side of the pond where 1sostatic hangs out, they still use "Cement Galoshes" to take care of people who refuse to pay for protection.
  9. Great job you are doing fantastic work!!!!
  10. I noticed in on one of the pics the center console, around the clock and shifter, has the very early and rare wood grain insert. You don't see that very often.
  11. 1972 Q code Mach 1 351C CJ 4spd with A/C, it gets warm here in S. Florida during the summer.
  12. Got the first Moderna shot, area was sore and a bit swollen for a couple of days (didn't stop me from working on the sled) and then it went away. I go back next month for the second round.
  13. Great Job!!! Your ride is looking awesome dude!!! You're doing great work!!
  14. I notice the map light in the center dash, you might want to save that they are worth some bucks save all the wiring behind the dash and the harness for the "convenience group". Talk to Randy he will tell you what to look for. If your car didn't come with one Its a nice add on.
  15. They are now made with roller bearings and they are very expensive!, available here https://opentrackerracing.com/product/trans-style-roller-idler-arm-1971-1973-mustang-cougar/
  16. For informational purposes, check out this video
  17. You got skills!!!! Very nice job!!!! I'm curious, which welder are you using and what type and size wire?
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