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  1. The hood hinges are actually homemade.. 1/4" plate with 1/2" tube weld on the end and a brass pin through it Kyle
  2. Just a little update.. Got my Marti report and kind of surprised at the lack of options as the car has a rear spoiler and rear window defrost installed Kyle
  3. As for the front clip it will have to stay for now.. I will need to find a donor car as pretty well everything in front of the shock towers is gone and replaced with 2x3 square tubing.. The car was involved in a pretty hard crash ( passenger strut rod was torn out of the mount) but everything else is relatively close with the exception of the rear quarters where the are flared and attached to the side skirt Thanks again Kyle
  4. The car has sat in a shed since early 1995 so any of the old body work needs to be redone
  5. Thanks for the welcomes guys.. I eventually want to put the car back to as factory as possible but need to find a donar car in order to do that( unfortunately extremely hard to find 71-73 cars where I'm at) so for now going to repaint it the original grabber green and black Kyle
  6. Hi first post here.. I recently acquired a boss 351 that was crashed and then modified into a street strip car in the early 80's.. Car is currently undergoing a partial resto.. current power train is a 73 351 cobra jet with 70 boss 302 heads, edelbrock toker intake and a holley 750hp. 4 speed toploader and 3.55 tackloc attached a few photos of the car Kyle
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