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  1. Mister 4x4, i know what you mean about the intake height. I am not using a factory ram air setup, but my concern is hood clearance in general with a decent aircleaner! May have to do a little customization to the fiberglass hood!!
  2. Ive used the 302 version aswell on another car i had, aswell as on a few friends cars. Good intake and a considerably noticible difference in performance over the standard 'performer series' intake
  3. Hey guys. Im looking to buy an Edelbrock Air Gap intake for my cleveland. Part number 7564. Figured Id ask here first to see if anyone has one for sale before I give money to summit or jegs. Thanks!!
  4. I am interested and am on long island aswell. Im at work, but will give you a call at break time, thanks joe!
  5. Just want to say thanks to Mike (motorcity mustang). Parts worked out perfect and his packing for shipping was more than great! Great person to deal with!
  6. My first car (7 years ago at 17) was also a 71 mustang coupe. 302, c4, 9" rear. Learned alot from that car. Keep up the goos work, car looka like its coming out great!
  7. Ive got a 351c with the 4v hooker supercomp headers, large primary tubes, 3.5" collectors and im running a factory toploader 4 speed with a lakewood bellhousing. Factory linkage and zbar setup. Once the headers are in, i had minor clearance issues, small bit of persuading to one of the primary tubes and no more rubbing.
  8. Looking to convert my mach1 from fixed 1/4 windows to roll down. Need all parts listed in the tutorial. Maybe someone is parting out a coupe and has these parts? Let me know, thank you.
  9. Ok guys, ill cut you all a great deal since i like it here. Any of you can buy my 72 mach1 Qcode with the 351 4v and toploader, painted ANY color or choice, all of the tee shirts i own, AND a hat, signed by my dogs, for the low price of $80,000.00! Any takers?! Lol. This gas monkey car is out of hand for a car they barely spent 15k on 'building'...
  10. Not to hi-jack this thread, but does anyone have or know where id be able to buy just the twist on gas cap fron the new repop style pop open caps? I have an older pop open from a swap, but it doesnt have the gas cap, and the rubber is too far away from the tank to seal it that way
  11. Whatd be cool is a removable fastback roof on a concertible platform... Ive seen it done with a c2 corvette and a 66 mustang.. The roof pins down in the back, and uses the convertible mounts on the windshield. Pretty sweet looking
  12. Try and find a stripped down fastback shell and put all of your coupe parts on it. I was going to do this with my 71 coupe when i found a 71 mach, but the owner of the junkyard refused to sell me the shell after hearing my plan. He said my coupe was too clean to chop up, so instead he gave me whatever parts i wanted off the car and then it disappeared. Hope it went to a good cause...
  13. Not a problem, I actually haven't had an opportunity to get to work on the car since asking about what this part is. Thank you Jbojo for your input, and MechEng for the responses
  14. Alright cool, i will definitely go over the wiring on this circuit and find out if who ever disconnected the seat solenoids did so properly. Thank you, i appreciate the help and information!
  15. Realistically, id like to clean up the wiring, the car is more of a 'hot rod', previous owners had pulled out the heat, ac, controls for rear defroster aswell as the heat and ac controls, and hacked the wiring. The circuit breaker is actually also rigged to the electric fan and fuel pumps and is popping because of an overload. Id like to rewire and clean up the engine bay, aswell as 'delete' (store on the side) wiring that doesnt have much current necessary use. (The car currently has aftermarket seats in it) Just wanted to know about the seat solenoid wiring for when i reinstall the factory buckets
  16. No need to take a pic, but i do appreciate it. If i disconnect the wiring from the solenoid, will the seats still unlatch? Or worse, will they unlatch say, while driving and no one is in the passenger seat, will it fall forward on a quick stop?
  17. And i thought you were just pullin my chain! Ive never heard of that, pretty cool! The car does have a factory rear window defroster aswell, all the controls must be missing for it however. Thank you for the information, always good learning new things like that.
  18. Having a little issue with a circuit breaker. Id like to know where this wiring goes. The car is a 72 mach1. The circuit breaker attaches to the starter solenoid and the wire is a heavier gauge black with yellow dots along it. It runs along the shock tower brace and through the firewall where it then ends up in the drivers side kick panel and into a yellow connector. Hope some pics will help show what i mean. Anyone know what this powers?
  19. No snow tires Ole Pony, Im running a pair of daily driver bfg street radial 275/60/15s on cragars. Going to be looking for a new wheel/tire combo in the spring once this snow and salt go away!
  20. Mchandford, do you still have the seat upholstery? Let me know please. Thank you
  21. Heres a picture from about a week ago. The car is my daily driver 72 mach1 (351 4V, 4speed car). The time this picture was taken was 3:15am, during a blizzard, and the mach was doubling as an ambulance. The girlfriend had just fallen on ice outside here house and broke her ankle in two places, of course no one was home to bring her and was the first one she called. So, I started the mach, brushed the snow off the windows, and drove across town to her, and then to the hospital. The mach is surprisingly a decent driver in the snow! Heres a second pic from the next day heading home from work following my coworkers daily driven 66 chevelle 4 speed wagon.. Heres one last picture. Cruising into work, sunrise and snow.. Pretty cool picture.
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