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  1. Hi, I decided to change the exhaust line (it was a very, very bad idea..) and i noticed that the Passenger Side Tailpipe Hanger was replaced by a simple piece of metal.. So i have to replace it, of course, but one of the nut inside the body of the car is missing.. Does anyone have an idea of its size in order to replace it ?
  2. Hi I have change the rear brake line , and i saw that on the right side, the bolt fixing the line on the housing of the axle was missing. Does anyone have an idea of what size it should be ? I have to replace it. Thanks.. 73 Mach one 351C 4V Rear brakes : Drums..
  3. @B229218 did you mean that the egr plate is the 1/4-inch thick insulator ? I thought it was there to prevent vapor lock ? @Don C I guess that the third solution will be the one.. I have friend who is very talented in metal..
  4. Here are some pics of the carburetor. After some tries, and the air box of the ram just on the carburetor, i can't even close the hood ...
  5. Thanks, that's the answer i was searching for !... before I understand that the carburetor was in fact to high... :(
  6. Hello, I'am trying to install a ram air on mis 73 Q code. But the carburator has been replace by a Quickfuel 650-675 brawler . But it is to high, and i can't close the hood. (in fact, there are 2 bolts on the carburator whcih raise the bottom of the aire box..). Does anyone has already solved this problem ?
  7. Got mine this week in France. Fine !! Fits well (I was affraid by the Us/ Europeen size conversion..) Waiting for the next version, with the right side stripe on the 73.. Thanks for the job done, and for allowing us to wear such an original shirt !!
  8. Thanks, i will order one ! I search the size.. XL US size is not XL Europeen size.. Want to order a shirt, not a dress 🙂
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