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  1. 8 hours ago, 71coop said:

    I'm running a 670 brawler with my ram air setup - I bought a 1/4 inch spacer from Jegs (for the top of the carb, not the base) to make sure it cleared the float adjusters.

    Edit - it was Jegs, not Summit. Link below:


    I have no idea how they are shipping international.

    Thanks, that's the answer i was searching for !... before I understand that the carburetor was in fact to high...  :(


  2. Got mine this week in France. Fine !! Fits well (I was affraid by the Us/ Europeen size conversion..)

    Waiting for the next version, with the right side stripe on the 73.. :classic_wink:

    Thanks for the job done,  and  for allowing us to wear such an original shirt !!

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  3. Hi,


    I'am preparing the winter works on my 73. I wanted to change the rear sway bar bushing, and took the measure it's 15.87 mm which is 5/8 (i think's that is the original one) if i 'am right.. But, for the sway bar end link, i find nothing... I didn't took the diameter yet, but i found nowhere a "rear sway bar end link.." only "front sway bar end link"..

    Could i use a front kit of the same actual diameter than mine, or should i search a rear kit ?  :chin:



  4. 75 years ago a German tank destroyed a US tank in the Parroy forest (East of France)

    All of the US crew didn't not survived. In 2016, the dog tags of one of the Us soldier has been found, and after long search, the remains of the Us soldiers have been transmitted to their family.

    On this 14/09/2019 a memorial has been raised in honor of the braves who fought in the Parroy Forrest.

    The Us consul in France, in sme family of the soldiers was there too.


    Parroy  Monument is here :



    the history of the memorial is here :



    Here are some pics of the ceremony :







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