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  1. Quality and research manager in a cosmetics.. We even sell to the USA..
  2. Turn the headlight switch knob! Well... it works , thanks... :whistling: I feel stupid not to have found this before. In fact not, I drive a Mustang.. :D
  3. Euhh Got the same problem : no more light on the dashboard, but all the others are ok.. I read "rheostat" , is it to adjust the power of the light ? and where is it ? didn't found it yet. :( (73 mach 1).
  4. That's done, thanks to the infos found on the forum ;)
  5. yes , this is a black mat vinyl. It's has been laid by a friend of mine. It's fast, and less expensive than a paint job. (about 150$) for the hood, and the air entries. It 's supposed to be more resistant than paint. And if necessary it can be removed easily, with no traces.
  6. New one... The front spoiler has been moved to a correct place... and the hood is now mat black..
  7. Well, mat vinyl on the hood is better... I still have to correctly fix the front spoiler ..
  8. Yes, that will be done after sunday, i 'll take the car the my first show ;)..
  9. Right, it has been damaged during the transportation (one line fall down..). I'll have to fix this too.. But, up to now, i take pleasure to drive it. There are also bit too long..
  10. Machvince

    New one

    I wish i could have kept the orignal plates, but the yellow one from Oregon have been stolen during the travel..
  11. Well.. I got the car yesterday, and drove about 160 miles with her. Quite perfect... Finally , we put 235/60 and 225/60. I like this, the car looks better..
  12. And as i need a speedmeter in km/h, and to avoid any speed limit issue, i will use this : (or something close) it is not dependant of the size of the wheels.
  13. Yes, they are the same size, front and rear...
  14. Yes, It's Magnum wheels, i have been informed by the seller that the wheel have been changed..
  15. No power steering, and 54, near Nancy.. @Hemikiller, why not...let's try 225 on the front...
  16. Thanks for the infos, i think i will play it safe : front 215/60 , rear 235/60.. I'll post, as soon as i can. ::thumb::
  17. Hi , I will pick up my 73 next Week . She is equipped with 205/60/15 (rear and front) and 15/7 Magnum rings. This is far too small for me, and doesn't fit the line of the car. She seems to be stock (no modification on the springs, for exemple..). What size can i choose for the BF Goodrich ? Front 215/60/15 Rear 235/60/15 Can i Put 235/70/15 for the rear ? I have seach the forum, and didn't find the rigth answer.. Any help will be appreciated. Vincent.
  18. At least , I can close this post.. I will pick up my 73 Mach One next friday, again one Week to wait..I 'll post pictures, as soon as i will be in..
  19. Well, the car is not supposed to be excatly matching the original.. by the way I have order a Ram (at ohiomustangsupply) kit to put in it. :angel: For the antenna, as I understand, there are lots of possibilities..and the main point is that 71/72 is telescopic and 73 is one piece (in most of cases). I know that the radio is not an original , so ... let's say that if i can fix the antenna, and if it is not too floppy, i will keep it. If i have to change it, will put a fixed one.
  20. I don't see anything dramatically wrong here other than the bend at the top ? Easy fix - pull that last section out a bit further, grab it with pliers or vice grips just below the bend and move the bent piece straight with another set of pliers. It's in the right place so that's a good start. Paint scratches ? Different story. PKJ there are numerous scatchs on the paint. Some are covered with red paint.. upload pictur
  21. Thanks ! So , One more task... Another small one , will be the antenna.. Looks funny this way.. There are also numerous scratch of paint.
  22. Well, Got some pictures of my 73. This doesn't seems to be correct, it looks like it's strange , no ? Right, or is it a correct assembly ? mettre des photos en ligne
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