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  1. So , it is close to my house now. I have got some more pics, and , well... there will have some work on it.. But that's a part of the game , right ?
  2. Well, i have been silent for a while..but it's only by superstition.. The car is in FRance now, in transit between the dock, and the seller. I think that we could ended with all the **** french reglementations, laws and taxes... by the end of this month. AS soon as i get the car, i come back with picture, to share my pleasure. We know that there will have some work on it.. :D
  3. Thanks, i 'll have to wait again 2 months. I think about adding the Ram air option..
  4. The black on the hood has to be changed it has to be flat instead of shinny,and the rear tires too. For the rest has I wasn't seaching a beast of hsow, i guess it will make me happy !
  5. End of the search.... My contact in the states found me a 3F05Q with 4 speed.The car is in good shape, with no rust on the floor.I have to change the rear tyres as they are of the same size as the front one. I have follow your advice, and decided to buy a car not modified and free from rust instead of a great motor and a poor body. The red wasn't my first choice, but... I have now two month to wait before i can drive ..
  6. Found this one with a strange scoop ..
  7. Thanks, i'll ask for more to the seller.
  8. Wasn't a good one... Still searching.
  9. I thought the M-code was a more performance engine than the q-code? It has more compression for example. Or do you mean the 4 bolt mains which the q-codes (mostly, mine not) got or any similar things? Which one would you rate more "performance", taken only the '71 M- and Q-codes? A 1970 M-code 351C is very basically said the same engine than the later q-code, it is also a 351C 4V. But the differences are in the internals like compression, camshaft timing, heads, pistons etc... Block and crankshaft are the same, like on all 351Cs. Yes, and no. The M-code had higher compress
  10. Find this one, pretty close to origin. EXcept for the hood.
  11. My ordinary car is not a Volks, it's this.. lollerz V code pweter metal
  12. Women and cars.... When my wife began to find interrest in Mach 1 project, she told me that she will be happy to drive it... Well, i guess i have to change my choice to an automatic instead of a manual.. good point : it will be easier to find. Bad point : i've never drived an automatic.
  13. Again me... I found another Q code, with a · FRESHENED 351C 4V OUT OF 1970 MACH 1. Is it exactly the same engine ?
  14. https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/cto/d/1972-ford-mach-1-mustang/6693922096.html This one is a Q code, but without the right engine, it's a 460..Is it a good choice ?
  15. Hi Vince You could try these :- carandclassic.co.uk and search for mustangs exchangeandmart.co.uk/classic-cars-for-sale and search ebay.co.uk and search autotrader.co.uk and search classicandsportscar.com and search classiccarsforsale.co.uk and search Best of Luck Andy Thanks, i' ll try
  16. The good thing it is not painted so nothing hidden under shiny paint. I would pay more for an unpainted solid car that a shiny one I did not know what was under it. They say will take offers also. I find when you bring a bag full of $20.00 and start stacking them up people will deal with you. Exporting a car is not difficult hundreds leave the U.S. every week. Sometimes getting the certification needed in like Germany or Australia becomes more difficult to get road worthy in their eyes. There were some Swedish guys at Charlotte in the spring buying cars all over for export. Some were com
  17. Right, In France a full quality paint is 7000 euros.. (more than 8000$) with no panel replacement..
  18. Andy , thanks for the info. Nice idea. I haven't thought to Uk in my search.. Is there a sort "of cragilist" for the Uk ?
  19. Why is the price so low ? or is it the real market price ? https://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/cto/d/1971-mustang-mach-1/6682069688.html
  20. iIf the motor is not the same as the original (documented) il will be quite impossible to register it in France. I go on seaching.. I found a 351 CJ with 4 speed on craiglist..seems to be nice..
  21. On craiglist , there's a Mach 1 depicted by the seller as : "This is a Q code Mach 1. 460 cu. in. big block and 4 speed top loader transmission" I thought Q code was for 351.. do i missed something ? :chin:
  22. Welcome ! Nice car, nice story.
  23. Here are the links : https://www.nsclassics.com/1972-ford-mus...c-2723.htm and here is the same vin on craiglist https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/cto/...01049.html
  24. Thanks a lot David, The seller was very friendly, and quickly lower the price , as soon as I seem to be interrested... Guess it was a sign... I understand Pos ( :)) in french, the equivalent is bu**it..
  25. ok, thanks. It means that the panel is a 71 model ? ( this Mach 1 is a 72 accordind to its Vin). I guess that a panel made in late 71 could have been used in early 72 ..
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