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  1. I have a 72 Mach 1 mustang with numbers matching block but it needs a complete rebuild. I’m debating doing that vs a rebuild performance that a ship is offering with the following details. Seller asking 3000k for the replacement one. What do you guys think? Appreciate the input. Looking to just have a simple street car. Stock engine is completely stock and not been used for 15 years. Fires up but splutters and smokes .rebuilt one was just redone by machine shop. Fresh build 351 Cleveland. .030 over Edelbrock dual plane intake Weiand high flow water pump Speed pro hyperutetic pistons Shot peened rods with arp rod bolts Balanced rotating assembly with both automatic and manual flywheel Erson roller tip rockers Ferrea stainless valves Bronze guides Comp cams guide plates Comp cams .585 lift cam grind number 9 keyway timing set Anti bleed off lifters 3/8 hardened pushrods Kevco rear sump oil pan(foxbody) Arp head bolts Arp intake bolts Comes with Lakewood scatter shield, HEI distributor, and two Holley high flow mechanical fuel pumps
  2. You can do anything with time and money. The value of the car would probably go down unless you find someone with exactly same taste as you have. true. I don’t think it’s gonna be sellable after that. But again, I’m not thinking of a sale anyways. Thanks though
  3. That’s what I’m thinking, but I don’t have a 69 around. Might give it some more thought.
  4. I really like the interior of the 69 Mach 1. Is ther e a way to fit that inside a 71 Mach 1? I mean does anyone know if the dimensions and fitting is the same? Or is it a worthless endeavor. Thanks
  5. Yes it starts and runs, definitely needs tune up of the engine and brakes probably. I was thinking of starting with gutting the interior, and then get to paint and engine .
  6. Ha ha. True. Actually both side need replacement. I wanted to start off by taking off parts one by one, but wasnt sure where to start-Engine or exterior or interior.
  7. You could be right. Waiting on the Marti report. The owner didnt have much info.
  8. Thanks. DOnt know. The owner was settling an estate so she didnt know. Waiting for the marti report. It has been painted over but i dont know if its the original or different.
  9. Hello forum members, I'm really excited to be a part of this forum. I am in Iowa and just towed in a 71 Mach 1 M code. Have not got much experience in engine or interior work, but I am looking forward to this adventure. This is my first effort at something like this and I will be looking forward to you guys' guidance. Will post more pictures soon. Thanks Archie
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